14 Free Printable Art Templates


Add fresh artwork to your decor for free with pieces you print at home. These downloads will update every room.

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Embroidery Artwork Template


DIY an overscale piece of art with this embroidery-style printable. Digitally resize the print as desired, then print off and hang in a bedroom, hallway, or living room. We drew from the artwork's color palette when picking pillows and other accents for the space.

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Love Artwork Template

wall art

A printable reminder of what to spread in the world. Print the phrase on fun patterned paper, cut out, and mount on white canvas for a subtle look. For extra sentimentality, print "love" out on an old map of your hometown, the city where you met your spouse, or some other beloved location.

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Constellation Art

one time use only pr image walmart

Wish upon a star every night with these constellation prints. Simply download the artwork, frame each piece, and mount above your headboard. You'll create an eye-catching display and maybe even learn the phases of the moon!

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Agate Art Print


The neatest patterns can be found in nature. Embrace your inner geologist with this fun, downloadable agate print. Plus, you'll be able to get in on the geode and gemstone trend without spending a dime. Simply print off the designs and frame, or print them onto iron-transfer paper and apply to a pillow cover.

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Refresh, Relax, Renew

one time use only pr image

Print out these stylish reminders, and give yourself the spa treatment: refresh, relax, renew. These artsy prints belong wherever you feel stressed out—a home office, laundry room, or bathroom.

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"Make" String Art

sewing table

This string art is a piece of cake. Print off our design, outline the word with small nails, and loop multicolored embroidery floss in and around the nails. Finish the look with a ribbon that matches the wall color to create a floating effect.

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Geometric Print Art

decorative pillows

This fun, tribal-geo print looks great with all most decor. Use a screen-printing technique to apply the stencil to pillows. The result is a permanent, hand-drawn look that mimics the wares of high-end home stores. Cat (unfortunately) not included.

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Love Home Art

Love home artwork on display

Download and display this print to declare your love for your home and the people you share it with. Have it matted in a frame for added style. Hang the piece alongside family photos or other sentimental works for a chic gallery wall.

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Butterfly Wall Art

butterfly art

Love watercolors? Then these butterfly prints are for you. They add colorful appeal and nature's touch to any space. Hang each print in an individual frame, or mount all three together.

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DIY Silhouettes

Vessel silhouettes

Timeless silhouettes look up-to-date when done up in white with a brightly hued background. Yellow accents create cool contrast. Not a fan of our patterns? That's OK. Silhouette almost any shape, including profile photos of family members.

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Owl Art

Owl artwork on display

An owl motif gets a sleek and graphic makeover in this fun print. Surprise pops of color enhance the design. Plus, you can resize the art to fit your desired space. Try a large print in a child's bedroom or playroom, or opt for small sizes as part of a gallery wall.

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Laundry-Room Art


Bring a little vintage flair to your laundry room with prints inspired by illustrations from our 1961 Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book. Washing and drying is less a chore in a pretty setting. Look for other selections of vintage art to carry the theme throughout your home.

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Modern Laundry-Room Art


For a more modern spin, use these cute prints. They are fun, bright, and fit in standard 8x10 frames. Plus, they serve an important function. They'll show less-experienced family members how do their laundry properly.

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Home Print


No need to carve out a design for this simple art. Get the look of block printing with this whimsical printable. Choose from a blue background with white text or a white background with blue text.

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