Make your own framed quote artwork with this simple weekend project. This DIY is perfect for a shared space or a kid's bedroom!

By Hannah Bruneman
June 07, 2017
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Sometimes the perfect art piece doesn't come from the store. To find something that matches your personality and style, sometimes you have to make it yourself. Turn a favorite phrase or quote into inspirational decor with this simple DIY project. Follow our step-by-step instructions, and it won't be long before you have stunning new artwork that looks great in any room.

What You Need

  • Plexiglass 
  • Picture frame
  • Yardstick
  • Marker
  • Utility knife
  • Clamp
  • Glass cleaner
  • Self-adhesive letters
  • Frosted-glass spray paint 

Step 1: Prep the Glass

First cut the plexiglass to fit the frame. To do this, remove the glass from an old frame. Place it on top of the plexiglass, flush with a side and top edge. Use a marker and yardstick to trace cut lines. Run a utility knife along the line while using the yardstick to keep the cut straight. Continue scoring with the utility knife until you see a deep groove (about 10–12 scores). Flip over plexiglass and repeat on the other side. 

To cut glass entirely, clamp plexiglass to a work bench with the scored line on the edge of the table. Apply quick pressure to the glass that is off the table; it should snap off. Sand rough edges if necessary. 

Clean both plexiglass and glass surfaces with glass cleaner.  

Step 2: Adhere Letters

Lay out adhesive letters in desired placement on the plexiglass. Peel backing and stick letters to the panel.

Step 3: Spray-Paint

Cover the plexiglass with frosted-glass spray paint on the same side as the adhesive letters. Add coats until you've reached the desired transparency.

Once the paint is almost dry, carefully peel off adhesive letters. Let paint dry completely. 

Step 4: Assemble Frame

Reassemble the frame, putting the spray-painted plexiglass where a photo would normally go. Hang or lean frame casually against the wall.


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