Gorgeous art can be yours at a fraction of the cost when you DIY. Learn how to make this statement decor piece to dress up a blank wall.
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A mosaic of lively, cheerful colors can be yours with just a bit of paint and creativity. Inspired by the bright designs found in tile accents and backsplashes, this DIY project puts graphic decor on your walls at a fraction of the cost. Make your own ombre mosaic art by following our simple steps. We promise this weekend project will be something to be proud of.

What You Need

  • MDF panel or plywood panel
  • Sandpaper
  • Clean cloth
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Painters tape
  • Crafts paint (multiple hues of the same color)
  • Foam brush
  • Water

Note: Your panel should be about two-thirds the width of the piece of furniture it hangs above.

dining room

Step 1: Prep Board

Sand panel and wipe with a clean cloth. Use a pencil and a tape measure to mark off a grid of same-size squares.  

Tip: To find the right size for your squares, divide the width of your panel by the number of squares you wish to have across each row. Do the same for the the height of the panel and the number of squares you wish to have in each column. 

Step 2: Prep Paint

Arrange crafts paint from the same color palette from light to dark. Assign a color to each square, lightest at the bottom to darkest at the top.

Step 3: Tape and Paint Squares

Tape off alternating squares with painters tape, and paint according to the color assigned. Wait until paint is almost dry, then carefully remove tape. Let paint dry completely. Tape off the remaining squares and repeat painting process. If you need to clean up edges, use a thin paint brush to hand-paint over imperfections. 

Note: To make some squares less opaque, add water to the paint for a watercolor effect.


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