Channel your inner artist and create authentic wall art with these easy permanent-marker blending techniques!

Updated: February 17, 2017

Wall decor doesn't have to be high-class, expensive pieces of art. You can create your own unique wall art simply by using permanent markers and a few household materials. This step-by-step guide to marker blending techniques will help you make priceless, one-of-a-kind wall art.

What You'll Need:

- Off-white linen - Black ultrafine-point permanent marker, such as Sharpie brand - Yellow, red, orange, and blue fine-point permanent markers - Paintbrush - Rubbing alcohol - White oil-base permanent marker - Glass frame

Step 1

Sketch a hot-air balloon with pencil onto off-white linen or create a pattern from free clip art found online. Trace the basic outline with a black ultrafine-point marker. Color in the balloon sections with yellow, red, orange, and blue fine-point markers, leaving some white space between the colors and the black outlines.

Step 2

Use a paintbrush to apply rubbing alcohol, which causes the colors to bleed and blend.

Step 3

Add highlights where desired with a white oil-base marker.

Step 4

Let dry, and place in a glass frame for wall display.



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