Chevron Wall Art

Turn hardware-store shims into fabulous DIY wall art with a few cuts of a miter saw and a little spray paint.

You'd never guess this artful display started at the hardware store! See how to make your own wall art from shims with this easy how-to.

What You Need

70 -- 11-7/8-inch-long wooden shims (you will need an even number of shims for each chevron)

Compound miter saw

Newspaper or tarp

Spray paint in assorted colors (we used Valspar in Brushed Rose Flat, LaFonda Mirage Flat, Sumptuous Purple Satin, Classic Bronze Metallic, Plumberry Gloss, Deep Sea Diving Gloss, and Brown Velvet Satin)

Adhesive picture hanging strips -- Medium (such as Command Picture Hanging Strips from 3M)

Step 1

Measure and mark a line 11 inches from the bottom of each shim. Set a compound miter saw to cut a 45-degree angle. Place the shim on the saw bed so the mark is at the top of the cut guide; cut a 45-degree angle at the mark.

Step 2

Spread the newspaper or tarp over your work surface in a well-ventilated area. Place half of the shims on the surface with all of the cut angled ends pointing in the same direction. Place the remaining shims on the surface, but flip them over so the angles point opposite the angles of the first set of shims.

Step 3

Divide the shims into seven groups of 10, with five shims of left-facing angles and five shims of right-facing angles in each group.

Step 4

Spray-paint each group of 10 a different color; let dry.

Step 5

To hang, use a level to mark three vertical lines on your wall that will be the center lines through each chevron arrangement. Attach sticky tabs to the back of each cut shim. Align the cut ends of the left-side shims along the line; press in place. Continue adding shims to fill the left of the line. For the right side of the chevron, position the cut end of the right-side shims along the line, matching up with the shims on the left side. Continue adding shims to fill.


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