14 Easy Canvas Art Projects to Bring Personality to Your Walls

canvas wall art in styled apartment

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Art doesn't have to be complicated or expensive to be beautiful. Each of these DIY art projects starts with a simple blank canvas. Let these canvas art ideas inspire you to make one-of-a-kind art for your home.

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Wallpaper Canvas Art

bright abstract floral artwork above bench with pillow
Adam Albright

If hand-painting isn't your strong suit, make your canvas artwork with peel-and-stick wallpaper, which creates maximum impact with minimal work. Choose a pattern you love and purchase enough to cover the dimensions of your canvas. To apply the wallpaper to the canvas, adhere the top corners along the canvas's edge, keeping the wallpaper level. Slowly peel the backing and work down, smoothing as you go. Frame your patterned canvas art and hang it using screws and wall anchors.

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Geometric DIY Canvas Art

Abstract artwork in sitting area
Adam Albright

Create a modern masterpiece with painters tape and sample pots of paint on canvas. Apply tape to create an assortment of triangles and geometric shapes on a large canvas, wrapping the tape around the sides. Paint one section at a time, including the sides, removing tape as the paint dries. Use a variety of metallic paints and sample color pots, applying a second coat as needed.

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Watercolor Words Canvas Art

blue abstract painting
Adam Albright

Preserve a message on canvas with rubber cement. Dip a ½-inch round paintbrush in rubber cement and write on a large white canvas (we used a beloved ancestor's journal entry for the text). Apply thickly so the words will be legible, then let dry. Mix three intensities of watercolor paint in separate cups, using black to darken and water to lighten. Apply with a large brush and horizontal sweeping strokes, starting out dark and gradually fading near the bottom. Blend as you move down, and keep the canvas flat until dry to avoid drips. No need to peel off rubber cement; the raised texture adds dimension to the piece.

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Abstract Splatter Canvas

Armchair by fireplace
John Bessler 

Turn paint splatters into a modern masterpiece with this easy DIY art idea. Place a blank canvas on a flat protected surface, such as a hard floor covered with a dropcloth. Using a plastic spoon, paint stir stick, or other tool, splatter paint on the canvas. Repeat with a variety of colors and motions to create an attractive design. When the canvas is dry, frame and hang.

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Colorful Resin Canvas Art

framed resin art
Nicolas Gourguechon

Create a gorgeous ocean-inspired design using resin mix, a clean artist canvas, and a few craft paints. Pour a small amount of resin into several plastic cups and add a few drops of paint in your desired colors to each one, reserving some clear resin. (This project took about 32 ounces of mixed resin total). Pour stripes of resin onto the canvas, alternating between the clear resin and the colored mixes. Mix slightly by finger if desired, then blend the colors using a heat gun. Cover with a large box or tub to protect the surface from dust while it dries flat for at least 24 hours.

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Cityscape Canvas Art

Skyline painting above side table
Adam Albright

Highlight a city silhouette on painted canvas with a pounce brush. Paint the canvas your desired background color and let dry. Find a skyline pattern you like, then cut it out and adhere to the canvas with repositionable adhesive spray. Use a variety of sizes of circle sponge applicators to pounce dots of gold paint around the pattern, clustering, overlapping, and thinning out toward edges. Remove pattern and let dry. Add sawtooth metal hangers to the back and hang.

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Portrait Canvas Art

Picture frame by flower vase on mantelpiece
Steven McDonald

Create an edgy portrait using tempera paint and a favorite photo. Transform the image to high-contrast black-and-white, then print. Rub a pencil or graphite stick across the back of the paper before taping it to a canvas. Trace around the white shapes, remove the paper, and fill in the transferred shapes with tempera paint. Let dry. Cover the canvas with brushed-on swashes of acrylic paint and let dry. Rinse portrait under running water to remove the tempera paint.

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Graphic Statement

large framed watercolor swirl artwork and bench
Marty Baldwin

This canvas art idea uses simple techniques to create a swirled watercolor effect. After saturating your canvas using a foam brush and water, add a few drops of watercolor to the surface. Gradually add water until the color begins to spread. Add a second color and blend edges with your initial color using your foam brush. Move the paint around the canvas by tilting it gently, pressing down slightly in spots so the ink pools, or squeezing an empty condiment bottle at an angle to blow the ink around. Add more colors and water as needed. Let dry and frame.

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Easy Fabric Art

You can use a yard of fabric and a canvas to create easy DIY artwork. This simple canvas art idea is great for beginners or as a quick weekend project. Watch and see how it comes together.

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Stamped Canvas Art

Shelf with orange stamp art
Adam Albright

Make your own stamp to create canvas art with interesting patterned designs. Hot glue a length of thin cotton rope to a piece of scrap wood or cardboard in a swirled shape. Lightly paint the rope with acrylic crafts paint, then press it onto your canvas. Add additional colors and stamp again for a layered look.

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Abstract Stamped Canvas Art

Ruler stamp artwork
Cameron Sadeghpour 

Add modern style to your home with this graphic canvas wall art project. First, paint the canvas off-white and let dry. Add a thick coat of paint in a dark color onto one side of a yardstick. Press it down across the surface of the canvas. Reload paint and apply in another direction. Repeat the technique using different colors until you are happy with the design.

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Easy Flower Canvas Art

Flower artwork
Cameron Sadeghpour 

Bring a hint of nature to your wall decor with this floral canvas art idea. Paint canvas black using oil paint and let dry. Snap and print a photo or find an image in a magazine of a flower against a dark backdrop to use as inspiration. Use oil paint, brushes, and artist's knives to freehand-paint the flower image, blending and shading where necessary to achieve desired tonal dimension.

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Embroidered Canvas Art

Stitched feather artwork
Cameron Sadeghpour 

Embroidered details add extra dimension to DIY canvas art. First, draw a geometric design all over the canvas using a pencil and ruler. Using a diluted watercolor wash, fill in each shape with complementary colors. Let dry. Freehand-draw feathers onto canvas. Using a curved upholstery needle and yarn, embroider the feathers' outlines.

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Paint Swatch Canvas Art

Paint chip artwork
Cameron Sadeghpour 

Try this for a quick wall decor project or an easy canvas art idea for beginners. Choose three shades of the same acrylic paint color. Tape off the canvas into thirds. Paint lightest shade on the top third of the canvas, the medium shade in the middle, and the darkest shade on the bottom. Remove tape and let dry. Add fun color names with white paint.

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