DIY Wall Art

Our budget-friendly DIY wall art ideas will make a great addition to any room. Making, arranging, and hanging artwork is simple with our easy wall art project ideas. Your homemade wall decor will transform your living space without having to break the bank.

How to Make a Magnetic Poster Holder

This DIY display for art is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first. See how four boards and a few magnets make the perfect frame for your wall art.  
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3 Easy Watercolor Art Techniques Anyone Can Do

These abstract watercolor designs are incredibly simple, making them perfect for beginners. Master all three, then showcase your work in a gallery wall!
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Meet the Woman Behind These Mesmerizing Watercolor Flowers

Kelly Ventura’s floral designs have captured the hearts of followers and retailers all over the country. See what she’s up to and learn her tips for inspiring creativity!
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Meet the Maker Behind These Adorable Hand-Lettered Prints

The founder of Lindsay Letters channeled a childhood love of design into a thriving art and calligraphy business. See what inspires her beautiful hand-lettered pieces.
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Create a Quick Card Display from Hardware Store Materials

Follow these steps to learn how to make a simple and sleek hanging card display from a sheet of steel remesh.
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How to Make a Full-Size Mirror Frame

No need to splurge on a large, notice-me mirror when you can fashion your own frame from plywood.
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More DIY Wall Art

These 21 DIY Wall Art Ideas Look Expensive But, Trust Us, They Aren't

Custom artwork doesn't have to bust your decorating budget. With some crafting supplies and a little imagination, you can create your own expensive-looking DIY wall art in no time! Plus, each of these fabulous art ideas is surprisingly low-cost.
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32 Creative Ideas for Every Blank Wall in Your Home

Sick of staring at a stark empty wall? Infuse it with warmth and personality by adding creative artwork, mixed media, and vintage finds.
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How to Make Geometric Wall Art

Update an ordinary wood canvas into a striking work of art with clean-lined geometric designs. Painters tape makes it easy!