Southwestern style is heating up, fast. Stay ahead of the trend with these easy and inexpensive DIY projects inspired by the warm destinations.

By Hannah Bruneman

You don't need to live in a warm climate to showcase gorgeous Southwestern style. With odes to nature's rich colors and sharp patterns, this style is quickly becoming a hit around the entire country. Learn how to achieve Southwestern style fast with these easy DIY projects. These decor ideas—small accessories and large-scale paint jobs alike—are perfect for the homeowner who wants all the Southwestern style without the blistering heat.

Walls with Style

Southwestern decor is all about the intersection of natural colors and geometric elements. Shapes are inspired by Navajo prints and Aztec patterns. Adorn your wall with a Southwestern design by using a handmade stencil and a thick paint pen. The simple accent wall makes it easy to display your spicy style.

Furniture Makeover

Revamp an old furniture piece into a Southwestern-inspired statement for your next room makeover. All you need is painters tape, paint or stain, and an eye for good design. Perfect for old dressers, side tables, or dining room buffets, this project is easier than it looks and is guaranteed to impress.

Creative Crochet

A couch isn't complete without a bundle of pillows and a cozy throw to keep you warm. This crochet blanket does just that with a hint of Southwestern style. Perfect for design enthusiasts in a colder climate, this soft throw has all the right colors. If you have a knack for hooks and yarn, this Southwestern DIY project is for you.

A Prickly Pair

Cacti and the Southwest go together like two peas in a pod. For those who lack a green thumb but want to decorate with cacti, we recommend turning to textiles. This pillow is made with original art drawn on with fabric paint. The black-and-white color scheme is understated, while the quirky illustration alludes to Southwestern scenery.

Rug Inspiration

Rugs can tie a room together, but large area rugs with trendy designs can also put a dent in your budget. Achieve the look you want for a fraction of the price by painting a rug yourself! This technique lets you customize for less, whether you're upcycling an old rug or touching up a thrift store find. Fabric paint and a geometric stencil are all you need to afford the rug of your Southwestern dreams.

Pattern Play

A dab of paint will do, especially when it comes to pots and planters. Turn a terra-cotta planter into a Southwestern-inspired art piece by tracing your favorite pattern onto the surface. This project makes a perfect home for a small cactus or other succulent.



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