Young and Fun House Makeover: Part 3

Bonus Bedroom
See how our favorite young can-do couple wraps up a DIY home makeover.

Done for Now

Hello again. We're John and Sherry Petersik, and we're back to share the last installment of our home improvement presto change-o. We haven't wasted a second redoing our first home and documenting the progress on our blog, Settle in and enjoy the last leg of our renovation ride.

Mundane Master

Our first step in the master bedroom was removing the dated wallpaper border and taking down the old ceiling fan that robbed the modestly sized room of any hope of feeling lofty and open.

Getting Better¿

We painted the walls a soft blue-gray color and brought in an inexpensive platform bed. We added softness with white Roman shades, plush bedding, and sheepskin rugs, but it was clear this room would need a bit more help to go from flat and unfinished to functional and fabulous.

Mighty Makeover

Our master bedroom was a boring 12x13-foot box with one measly closet that barely fit half our clothes. So, on either side of the bed, we created two built-in wardrobes covered with billowy curtains for a soft and serene effect. Voilà -- instant storage and swoon-worthy style to boot.

DIY Tip: John and Sherry also made the most of their space by attaching sconces to the wall behind their bed, eliminating the need for bedside tables to hold lamps. The couple made their small room appear larger by hanging long curtains close to the ceiling and using a light, airy palette to brighten the space.

Surprise Storage

DIY Tip: Just because the closet is tiny doesn't mean it can't pack storage punch. Here are four tricks for creating your own storage system:

-- Do It All. Select customizable wardrobes that can be fitted with pullout drawers as well as a hanging bar to create a closet and dresser all in one.

-- Think Outside the Door. Curtains are a soft way to achieve concealed storage, and they don't slam in the morning when someone else is sleeping.

-- Bin There Done That. Use fabric bins and woven baskets inside pullout drawers to corral socks and underthings to keep them sorted without much effort.

-- Learn How to Match. Use the same good quality wood or padded hangers throughout your closet to keep clothes in better shape and make it feel more like a boutique than a place where wire hangers go to die.

Splash of Color

Much like the master bedroom, the guest room was a boring white box with dated window treatments and pinky-beige trim. So we painted the walls a nice sandy tone and went glossy white with the trim (we even added crown molding) to create a space that feels crisp and current.

DIY Tip: To create a cool, customized look without spending wads of cash, do what John and Sherry did: Make your own artwork and upholster a boring headboard with a bright fabric in a coordinating color. Your fresh accents will really pop against neutral tones.

Outdated Dining

This dated dining room was hardly granny-chic. In fact, it was a nightmare of floral wallpaper and crazy blue trim. The giant brass chandelier practically took up the entire room.

Color Statement

Before we realized we'd never use this cramped space for dining, we tried to make it work by removing the wallpaper, painting the walls cheerful turquoise, making a big black table, and raising the newly spray-painted chandelier.

Space Swap

The real answer to our dining room dilemma was closing off the door to the kitchen to create a bona-fide bedroom (the room already had a closet!) that will also make a sweet nursery one day.

Bonus Bedroom

We never used our tiny formal dining room, especially once we created a dining area in our spacious living room off the kitchen. The solution? Replace a room we never used with a bedroom that comes in handy for work or guests.

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