This DIY Home Proves Color Is Cool

Color doesn't have to be intimidating. Just ask Rachel Shingleton of the blog Pencil Shavings Studio. She's a pro at mixing bright, bold hues and incorporating them into her decor. Steal some of her colorful interior design inspiration for your own home.

Storied Setting

Your living room is the perfect spot to mix old favorites and fun finds. From a sofa found on a Pottery Barn road trip to a vase she received with a floral arrangement from her husband—everything in Rachel Shingleton's space has a story.

Fake It 'Til You Make It

There's nothing wrong with sprucing up items you already own—or DIYing budget items to look more luxury. A pair of brass-and-glass bookcases are actually an IKEA hack. The homeowner used spray paint and liquid gold leaf to paint them.

Give It a Try

This entryway's bold wallpaper was an experiment. The homeowner wasn't sure if her family would go for it, but they ended up loving it. The best part about wallpaper, paint, and other colorful wallcoverings is that they can be easily amended, so go ahead and try out something new!

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Statement Piece

A vivid green secretary, painted decades ago, anchors a corner of this living room. Rachel outfits the piece—which she inherited from her grandmother—with books, dishes, or her current whim. 

Pretty and Practical

The kitchen's eating area includes a vintage Tulip table knockoff, metal chairs, and a woven bench. Each piece perfectly blends form and function. The furniture's rich colors add style while the smooth surfaces make cleanup a breeze. 

Character Change

French-country finery finished the kitchen when the Shingleton family moved in. The look was lovely, but it didn't fit the family's style. The countertops and floors stayed, but the cabinet finishes and backsplash changed.

Family Nook

The upstairs hallway is outfitted as a lively gathering space for kids and adults alike. Some of the accessories took a little DIY elbow grease. The yellow chairs, for example, were found secondhand and reupholstered to fit the space.

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Dream On

If you have a decorating dream, make it happen. Rachel always wanted a window seat, and now it's the perfect spot for her kids to curl up and relax. She decorated it with pillows in an array of bright hues, adding colorful contrast to the white walls and beige carpet.  

White Works

Sometimes a pop of color works just as well as a saturated space. For her home office, Rachel used fun accessories—including a painting from a local artist—to personalize the otherwise neutral nook. 

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Small Changes

Little fixes can make a big difference. This linen headboard was falling a little short, so Rachel propped it up on gallon paint cans. She then added touches of gold and a smattering of pillow patterns to keep the white bedding interesting.

Item Inspiration

A summer dress inspired Rachel's bedroom. The nautical color scheme is clean, bright, and fun to personalize. Plus, the blue and white is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. 

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  1. Just wish you would have included the name of the paint on the walls as well. I love the colour of the painted walls in the first picture but you don't mention it any where. Know what it is and where I can find it?

  2. I love colors, my home is full of color. I am not a fan of white, right now the only room with white walls is my hallway. But, that will change too! There were some very nice colorful ideas in this article.

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