Update Your Bedroom with Paint

One-Weekend DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas
If you have a boring bedroom in need of a rescue, look no further than paint. See how to use this DIY decorating go-to to spruce up a headboard, pillows, and more. Plus, get the scoop on a few fun DIY products.

Refresh with Paint

A calm palette and patterns that nod to nature set the tone for this bedroom, while simple materials -- stencils, paint pens, contact paper -- make it affordable. Use these projects to update your bedroom and give it a little personality and panache.


Painted Headboard

To create this headboard, we lightly sanded two paneled doors from a salvage shop. Rather than purchasing a stencil, we repurposed a vintage plastic place mat with a pretty die-cut design that caught our eye at a flea market. Using a foam pouncer, we applied pearlized acrylic crafts paint over the stencil, then used a smaller brush to fill in select areas with accent color.


Puff-Painted Pillow

At first glance this design looks like embroidered French knots, but it's actually done with puff paint. Here's how to make it: Trace a favorite shape onto contact paper. Cut it out and press the paper onto a solid-color pillow. With a light touch, apply puff paint dots around the outside of the design, dispersing the dots as you move away from the design. Allow the paint to dry for three hours, then remove the contact paper.

Watercolor Pillows

We love DecoArt's Ink Effects (decoart.com), a paint product that allows you to perfect your design before you transfer it to fabric, as we did for this pillow. Using the Ink Effects colors, paint your picture on any piece of white paper (we added vertical strips of tape to the paper before freehand watercolor-painting this floral design). Allow the paint to dry 45 minutes, then place the paper facedown on fabric -- polyester works best -- and press an iron over the top. The image transfers to the fabric. Keep in mind the image transfers in reverse.

DIY Monogram

Personalize pillowcases without the custom price tag. Position letter stencils on a patterned pillowcase. Adhere them with painter's tape, then use metallic oil-base medium-point paint pens to draw horizontal lines across the stencils' open areas. Remove the stencils.

Painted Lampshade

Two paint projects update this plain lamp and shade. For the base, apply painter's tape and newspaper through the open base to mask off the upper section of the inside of the lamp. Then apply two coats of gold spray paint to the lower section, allowing 30 minutes of drying time between coats. Remove the tape and newspaper when the paint is dry. Like the blue and white bird pillow, our lampshade design came to life with puff paint.

Customized Curtains

Add a design to a colored curtain panel by subtracting hues. We found a product called DeColourant (available through Dharma Trading Co., dharmatrading.com) that removes pigment from fabric. To create this scalloped pattern, all you need is a cheap plastic protractor (the grade-school kind), a stencil brush, DeColourant, and an iron. Position the protractor horizontally on your 100 percent cotton or silk fabric, then apply DeColourant to the fabric inside the arch of the protractor using the stencil brush. Move the protractor horizontally across the fabric and repeat the process to achieve rows. Allow the DeColourant to dry, then set an iron to the highest steam setting and press it over the fabric. When heated, the DeColourant lifts the hue from the fabric. And for an extra dose of customized style, we trimmed our curtains in lace.

Dressed Up Dresser

Bringing a nature theme, a painted birch forest makes a subtle accent wall, while painted ferns and leaves climb from the dresser to the wall.

Dresser Detail

To create the botanical motif on the dresser, we cut crafts foam into various-size leaf shapes. One at a time, we dipped them lightly in white latex paint, blotted them on cardboard, then stamped them on the dresser, dresser top, and wall in meandering patterns.

Use the tip of a small paintbrush handle to draw vein lines in the leaves while the paint is still wet. We painted the stems with a thin brush. Allow the paint to dry at least 24 hours.

Birch Motif

Skip the stencil. You just need paint and three tools to create this birch tree accent wall.

Give your bedroom a decorating boost this weekend with one (or all!) of these five do-it-yourself projects.

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