Don't pay for an overpriced rug. Instead, follow these easy tips to create a DIY look you love—without breaking your budget.

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Hi, I'm Ursula from Home Made by Carmona, and I'm excited to be here today to share one of the most versatile and high-end projects you can execute for your own home—rug painting! Yes, you read right. Instead of shelling out the big bucks for that really edgy rug you've been eyeing, consider making your own at a fraction of the cost.

By the way, it doesn't just stop at rug design. The same techniques you use to create the rug of your dreams can be used to craft stellar throw pillows, curtain designs, cloth napkins, and more. But more on that later. Today I'm giving you five tips to help you achieve the professional high-end rug you crave.

Tip 1: Use a Great Painters Tape


Start with a really good painters tape to keep sharp lines and prevent bleeding. The green FrogTape is my personal favorite and works incredibly well on fabric. Make sure you take your time pressing along the edges of your tape for perfectly clean lines, then remove the tape as soon as the paint has been applied. The faster you remove the tape, the better.

Tip 2: Go With Sisal or Flat Weave Rugs

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From a decorative perspective, we love a flat weave or sisal rug, but from a paint-it-yourself perspective, we really adore it! Sisal has a texture that makes painting simple and generally bleed-free, and a flat weave rug (with the emphasis on flat) or any cotton-based rug that doesn't have large woven bumps ensures tape can be applied flat and secure.

Tip 3: Create Bold Geometric Patterns

Tips to make DIY geometric painted rugs
Credit: CMR#5973367

Geometric patterns are in, and, lucky for us, they are the easiest designs to DIY. Lay tape down randomly for a modern application, or strategically imitate a favorite design. Squares, triangles, rectangles, stripes—use one or a combination to create your own unique design. 

Tip 4: Use Stencils or Other Creative Templates


Tape may be the go-to for creating designs, but don't stop there! A simple cookie cutter can be used to create a popular polka dot design, and stencils are perfect for more intricate designs. Be creative, and think outside the box!

Tip 5: Go Off-Script


Apply your newfound skill to curtains and throw pillows for decor that complements your beautiful new rug design. By painting a decor item, you'll add a posh, custom feel to your space, as if you shop only high-end decorator designs. Not to mention, you'll save a ton of money and obtain some serious bragging rights!

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October 18, 2018
Fab, will definitely be doing this! Thank you!!