8 Surprising Ways to Use Coffee Filters Around Your Home

These are actually too easy, but we're OK with that.

Coffee filters can be used for way more than just making coffee! Their unique texture and absorbent quality allows them to be versatile around the home and kitchen. Here are 8 hacks to make the most out of your coffee filters.

Fool Your Guests with these Coffee Filter Faux Flowers

Image courtesy of PopSugar

Brighten up your home or party space with these easy-to-make, festive faux peonies! To create one adorable flower, stack 10 filters, poke two holes in the middle using a needle, thread a floral stem through one hole and out the other, then twist the wires around the end. You can leave them white, or dip them in food coloring to coordinate with your color scheme! All items can be found at your local crafts store.

Diversify Your Snack Bowl with Multiple Filter Dividers

Image courtesy of Wonder How To

Turn a single bowl into a bento box for snacks! Place two or more coffee filters into a bowl and the snacks will weigh them down. If you want to add a dip, which is heavier, we recommend using about three filters for that section so it doesn't break. Try this at your next party and you'll have more snack choices for your guests and fewer dishes to clean up!

Filters to Protect Your Dishes from Scracthes & Stains

image courtesy of One Good Thing by Jillee

Place coffee filters in between damp plates or cups to soak up excess water and prevent water stains. This hack can also be used to protect china from scratches when being put away. We recommend using one to two filters between each dish. Now, your family china will last for many holiday dinners to come!

Use Coffee Filters as Anti-Rust Weapons for Your Skillet

Image courtesy of My Fridge Food

This may sound a little too simple, but trust us, it really works! All you have to do you prevent rust on your cast-iron pans is leave a coffee filter in your cast iron skillet when you're not using it. The filter will soak up excess moisture and protect the pan from rusting. Try it!

Dampen a Filter to Stop Microwave Splatter in a Second

Image courtesy of LifeHacker

Yuck: No one likes a microwave food explosion! A simple way to avoid any splatter is to place a damp a coffee filter on top of your food when heating it. A mess-free microwave means easier kitchen cleanup!

Line Your Plant Pots with Coffee Filters

Image courtesy of This Old House

Place a coffee filter on the bottom of your flower pot. The porous lining of the filter keeps the soil inside, while still allowing your plant's roots to breathe. For bigger pots, layer filters around the base until all areas are covered.

Safely Clean Your Electronics with Coffee Filters

Image courtesy of Brit + Co.

Microfiber cloths aren't the only solution to clean screens! These days we're wary of what we use to clean our phone, computer, and TV screens. And rightfully so: The last thing we want is a digital malfunction because we used the wrong cleaning method! So, next time you need to clean your screens, just grab a coffee filter! Coffee filters are just as effective at wiping off smudge marks and dust from your phone, tablet, laptop screen, or keyboard! Added plus, you don't have to go out and spend money on a special cloth.

Coffee Filters for Streak-Free Clean Windows

Image courtesy of Curbly

Paper towels can sometimes leave streaks, or fibers, on your windows when wiping them. Coffee filters won't leave any trace behind! Just spray some window cleaner onto a filter, wipe in circular motions, and let your windows shine. TIP: Cut filters in half to wipe down smaller areas, like picture frames, or cosmetic mirrors.


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