Banish Boring Now: Quick and Easy Decorating Tricks That Will Save You

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Who says decorating needs to be a major project? With a few small changes, your decor can look like new -- you just have to know where to target your efforts. These fifteen quick and easy decorating ideas will point you in the right direction.


Soften a dining room set by slipcovering the chairs at the heads of the table. The most time-consuming part of this makeover? Giving the slipcovers a good ironing before dressing your chairs.


No time to decorate? No problem! These super quick decorating updates will have your look refreshed in just 10 minutes.

10-Minute Decorating Fixes

Have 10 minutes? You can do these decorating updates!

Entryway Spruce-Up

It's the first thing people see when they enter your home, so make it memorable. Create a vignette with a console table and a few accessories and don't forget to add in wall art.

Unexpected Art Gallery

Find unexpected places to display art, such as between windows. It will give a unique twist to an otherwise overlooked area.

Layer Your Sofa

Be generous with pillows and blankets on your sofa. The layered look is inviting and adds an extra decorator's polish to the room. If you don't want your pillows to end up on the floor, buy an oversize basket to house them when the sofa is needed for lounging.

Mixed Medium

Yes, new pillows can give your sofa a boost, but if they look the same as all your other pillows, the impact is loss. Mix up materials, shapes, and sizes as well as colors for standout results.

String Party Lights

Set a casual party tone by stringing up party lights in your dining room or breakfast nook. Stick with sets that are seasonless and coordinate with your existing decor.

Corral in Style

Organize and decorate at the same time by corralling bathroom or kitchen necessities into pretty vessels. Use a variety of vessels for an extra fun display.

Mantel Update

Take a good look at your mantel. If it is looking a little bare, or maybe just a little dull, give it a simple update with a few new accessories. If it's crowded, edit out your less-than-favorite pieces and incorporate something new. Anything metallic will be extra impactful.

Display the Utilitarian

Select a few pretty items with a purpose to pull out of your cabinets and put on display. Servingware, copper pots and pans, and even cookbooks are worthy of a moment in the spotlight.

With the foundation of a basic bedding set, you can dress up your bed in any number of ways with pillows, throws, and more. Here are three ways that get the combination right, and they all start with the same bedding essentials.

Redress Your Bed

Try a new combination of pillows and it will be like your bedroom is brand-new. Here are three ways to shake up the ordinary.

Fireplace Display

Nonworking fireplaces tend to get overlooked, but these has-been features deserve a second chance. Turn a nonworking fireplace into a focal point by displaying something special in the firebox. Here, potted plants and a framed photograph do the trick.

Better Lampshades

Most lamps come with a basic, plain shade. But you don't need to accept this out-of-the-box setup. Swap out a dull shade for something with more color or personality. Aim for a shade that's the same size and proportion as the existing shade. 

Put a Runner on It

A bare table can look infinitely better with a runner. Bonus points for adding a fun centerpiece.

Frame the Tube

Oh TVs, the big, black gaping hole in an otherwise pretty room. Minimize the effect of a large screen by framing the wall behind it with colorful pieces of art.


Add Footstools

These small but mighty pieces are a fun addition to a living room or family room. Look for a style that coordinates with your decor, but don't be afraid to throw in something a little unexpected. For major impact, go for something colorful or with great texture or shape.

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