Pretty Painted Gift Boxes

Transform basic white boxes into works of art using paint, permanent marker, and a few basic supplies.

Have you ever had the most beautiful little gift, only to hide it in a boring and nondescript box, then wrap the box just to make it look presentable? The days of boring gift boxes are in your past. This video shows you how to DIY your way to the perfect gift presentation. Gifting small trinkets has never been easier.

What You'll Need

  • White gift boxes
  • Permanent markers
  • Paper plate
  • Crafts paint
  • Water
  • Paintbrushes
  • Gift tags
  • String

Step 1: Draw with Marker

Start your painted gift box by marking out a design with permanent markers. Try a dot pattern, stripes, hearts, or geometric shapes of your desire. This will stay in the background when you paint.

Step 2: Paint the Box

When you're satisfied with the look, pour crafts paint on a paper plate and dilute with water. Paint the box with as many watery colors as you'd like. The key to making the colors work well together is all in how you blend them; be sure to work the colors into each other. You can mark and paint just the lid of your gift box, or make a pattern on each of the sides. Paint a matching gift tag to go with it.

Step 3: Add Bow and Tag

Let the paint dry completely before packaging the gift. Use string to tie a bow and attach the gift tag. You're now ready to present your work of art—and the gift inside.


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