How to Make a DIY Macramé Plant Hanger for a Boho-Style Accent

Learn how to make a hanging macramé plant holder with this DIY project, where beautiful, simple knots create a pretty sling for a potted plant.

Macramé has a long history, surging in popularity throughout the 1970s, and like many other retro design elements, this easy knotted craft is back in favor today. According to Google trend data, searches for "macramé plant hanger tutorial" increased by more than 5,000% over the past year as people picked up new hobbies while spending more time at home. These DIY plant holders are so simple to make, and all you need is some cord ($10, Michaels), a metal ring, and a spot to hang it.

Get creative with a bright cord color or choose a neutral to let the plant take center stage. For a large statement, hang three planters in the same corner at different heights for a full display. Follow the steps below to learn how to make a DIY macramé plant hanger and safely mount it from your ceiling.

macrame hanging planter with cacti
Adam Albright

How to Make a Macramé Plant Hanger

We used a 6-inch-tall pot for our macramé hanger, but you can customize the overall size to fit your planter of choice. When selecting a pot, consider how you'll deal with drainage. Most plants prefer pots with a drainage hole so the soil doesn't remain overly wet, but if you water a hanging plant with a hole in the bottom, it'll drain straight onto your floor. Plan to move your plant to the sink each time you water, or use a cachepot (a decorative exterior container that can disguise a basic plastic pot) to catch drainage. If you opt for a pot with no drainage hole, be extra careful not to over-water your plant.

What You Need

  • 10 yards of cording, twine, or paracord
  • 1-1/4-inch metal ring or key ring
  • 6-inch-tall ceramic planter
Step 1 Tie Strands to Ring
Illustration by Liz Gordon

Step 1: Tie strands to ring

Cut four 90-inch-long cording strands and lay them together in a group. Thread all the strands through the metal ring, and tie the centers of the strands to the ring. Tighten and even out the strands as needed.

Step 2 Section Off Strands
Illustration by Liz Gordon

Step 2: Section off strands

Split the strands into four sections of two strands each. Tie each section with an overhand knot approximately 8 inches below the top knot. Be sure to pull the strands tight to avoid uneven lengths between knots.

Step 3 Split Tails and Tie
Illustration by Liz Gordon

Step 3: Split tails and tie

Split the tails below each knot and join them with tails from adjacent knots. Secure the strands with an overhand knot approximately 3 to 4 inches below the knots from Step 2. Measurements don't need to be exact but place the knots at similar lengths for a neat finish.

Step 4 Tie All Tails Together
Illustration by Liz Gordon

Step 4: Tie all tails together

Group all the tails together and knot them with a large overhand knot. This will hold the planter in place, so make sure the knot is sturdy. Trim the tails to your desired length based on design preference.

Step 5: Insert plant and hang

Insert the planter into your macramé hanger. Install a ceiling hook ($1, The Home Depot) that's designed to support the weight of the potted plant. Be sure to choose a spot that receives enough light for your plant, and secure the hook into a stud or an anchor so it doesn't pull out of the ceiling. Place the top ring over the ceiling hook to hang.

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