Don't let recycling end at your bin or you'll miss out on all these gorgeous DIY projects that feature glass jars.

By Jamie Lott
August 20, 2018

A bit of paint can do wonders for transforming everyday recyclable glass into reusable glassware. Choose the right paint and you can even make your new glassware dishwasher-safe. Not only are you preventing waste, but you're protecting your wallet, too. No need to go shopping for seasonal glassware when everything you need is already in your recycling bin.

For ideas on transforming recycled frappuccino bottles, including how to make them dishwasher-safe, check out this recycled frappuccino bottle project from DIY blogger Jamie at Southern Revivals.

Take It a Step Further

Paint is just the beginning! Spray a set of collected bottles in a single, unifying color, then adorn them with thrift store jewels or lengths of rhinestones, which you can buy by the yard. Glue them on in varying designs using an all-purpose glue. Pop in a few flower stems and you've got yourself a gorgeous vignette befitting any decor. No one will ever guess these glass bottles were once destined for the recycling bin.

Add Handles

Have you ever thought, "There's got to be something I can do with all of those pickle jars?" Well, there certainly is. And if you've ever needed extra storage for your bathroom, kitchen or crafts room, this is the answer!

Coat the lids of old pickle jars in glossy paint and attach knobs using a strong all-purpose glue or screws. And just like that, your storage problem is solved! Take it up a notch by adding a band of colorful cardstock or decorative tape. Now no matter what you put in there, it'll look cute. And when it is time for a change, these simple additions are easy to swap out.

Paired Pieces

Thrift stores and attics are full of spare dishware, like glass sundae dishes, candlesticks, and fluted plates. And when paired together, they have a big impact. You might be tempted to donate or recycle glass dishes, but instead pair them together to create beautiful serving pieces.

Paint stemware before attaching it to a plate using a strong, all-purpose glue. You'll have a new serving dish at your disposal, and when you tire of it, you can just repaint!

Practical Storage Solution

Don't toss those empty jars! You've got clutter lying around somewhere and these can be your saving grace. Simply attach the lids to the underside of a cabinet, then fill the jars with items you need to keep handy but contained. The clear glass makes seeing what's inside easy, and having them tucked under a cabinet saves counter space. This is a perfect solution for your garage, potting shed, laundry room, mudroom, or even a kitchen!


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