Gorgeous DIY Glitter Projects

glitter projects
Shimmery finishes, sparkling sequins, and other tiny touches of bling add just the right amount of glam to liven up everyday living and entertaining spaces. We've added the crafts store staple to everything, including your work space, bar cart, and more!

Entertaining Station Update

Create a one-of-a-kind serving station with a so-glam garland. To make the bunting, string circles punched from glitter paper and yarn pom-poms. Adhere letter decals to fabric triangles, then brush decoupage medium around the edges of the letters. Scatter on glitter, let dry, and then remove the decals. Swag the string, then staple it to the frame's back.

Glitter Bowl

Add a unique beauty to your serving bowl with just a few simple updates. Mask a thin line around a glass bowl with painter's tape and apply decoupage medium with a narrow paintbrush. Layer on fine gold glitter; let dry before removing tape.

Sequin Table Cloth

Embellish a plain white tablecloth with gold sequins for a look that's just as sophisticated as it is inexpensive. Attach adhesive dots on the cloth and pressing medium to large sequins in a cluster around the edge, or sew them on to boost durability.

Ritzy Natural Wood Vase

Give a vase a shiny makeover! Place painter's tape around the neck of the vase to form a loose guide, then dot clear superglue below the tape in a random pattern that trickles downward. Stick on sequins (use a toothpick to apply) and let dry. Peel off the tape.

Lamp Revamp

Shimmery glitter and a fresh paint job give an old lamp a brand new look. To start, paint the lower third of an old lampshade bright white. Then tape off a narrow stripe and apply decoupage medium before shaking on fine glitter. Repeat to add a hit of glitter to the inside of the shade, too. Combine with a pendant light to turn it into an overhead light fixture.

Glitter Corkboard

Treat a bulletin board to a glamorous effect. Measure and mark stripes with a straightedge and painter's tape. Paint exposed sections with white latex paint; let dry and remove tape. Tape off the center strip. Use a paintbrush to coat the strip with decoupage medium, then spread a light layer of glitter over it and let dry. We used two shades of pink for an ombre effect.

Transform a glass cylinder into a dazzling centerpiece with a bit of glue and glitter. Watch how it's done.

Ombre Glitter Vase

Give an ordinary glass vase an eye-catching ombre pattern with this super simple tutorial.

Shimmering Stool Stencil

Fashion a dazzling office chair by applying a gold glimmery pattern to any vinyl surface. Prep the vinyl with a coat of chalk paint; let dry at least three days. Spray the back of a floral stencil with stencil adhesive, then lightly adhere it to the vinyl. Apply two or three layers of gold glitter spray, allowing the paint to dry 30 minutes between applications. Seal the design with clean spray polyurethane, and wait 24 hours before using the stool.

Glamorous Gift

A cardboard gift box gets a glittery makeover with just a few special additions. Dip a circular crafts sponge in decoupage medium and stamp it on the gift box. Shake glitter on the dots. To help the glitter stay put, top the dots with a thin layer of decoupage medium. Finish the sparkly effect with ready-made ribbon and a glittered flower.

Gleaming Gift Tag

Personalize a gift package with a hand-embellished gift tag. To make, simply dip a paintbrush in decoupage medium to draw a cursive letter or special date on a tag, then sprinkle glitter and let dry.

Glitter Project Tip

Looking for some ways to transform your home decor into a seriously sparkly affair? Try glitter crafting tape, metallic glitter, sequins, glitter adhesive, and spray glitter.

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