The ease of using the cameras on our phones has everyone taking more and more pictures, but they often end up staying on our phones. Here are six easy ways to not only get your pictures out of your phone, but also display them with creative DIY projects.

By Laura Putnam

Rarely is there a time where our phone is not in hand and ready to capture every moment. We will stand on chairs and bend our bodies in weird positions to capture the "perfect shot." Then we sift through filters and edits until we have the perfect photo to share on Instagram. After all that effort, why stop there? It is time to move our beautiful images beyond our phones and into our homes. 

The first step is to print your photos. There are many resources online for printing, but you can also connect your phone to your computer and download your images. Then, use your home printer to set those images free.

To create a picture-perfect serving tray, start in the kitchen with a vintage style tray. Cut some white foam core to the size of your tray bottom, and use spray adhesive to adhere your photo to the foam core. Add a photo label describing or dating your picture, if desired. Thread some ribbon or trim to the sides, and finish it with a bow. Last, simply hang it on the wall. 

Embroider It

Why not have some fun with your images by adding some personality?Simply sketch your design on a printed photo, pierce holes with an embroidery needle, and then embroider with colorful floss. For the full step-by-step tutorial, visit Lovely Indeed.

Once your picture has its embroidered detail, pop it in a frame, clip it on a wall, or give it as a gift. It would also make a perfect gift tag.

Couch It

Bring personality into any room with a pillow featuring one of your favorite pictures. You could use a vacation shot, a picture of a loved one, or even a beautiful landscape. This would be a great opportunity to use a photo that had been edited to have an artistic feel to it. Simply print your picture on photo transfer paper and follow the directions to add it to your fabric. You can make it easy and use a premade pillow, or if you have a good relationship with your sewing machine, you could make your own pillow.

Clip It

The obvious place to go with your printed Instagram pictures is on the wall. Think beyond the glass-fronted frame and gather a unique or vintage frame, some twine, and some colorful clips. This project is a great way to display a large grouping of pictures and also easily change and update them. Customize your display with your choice of frame and clips. You could even add a fabric or paper background. For the full tutorial and steps, visit Bless this Mess.

Canvas It

Turn your favorite Instagram images into a custom painted canvas. Simply print out your image, use a photo transfer technique, and then add painted details. You don't need to be an artist for this project as you can add as little or as many details as you would like. For full step-by-step instructions, visit Finding Home Farms.

Transfer It


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