Serve guests better with these unique DIY serving trays. Friends and family will love the fun colors and beautiful materials used to create the stylish serveware.

By Bri Levandowski
June 08, 2016

Superb Stripes

Mask off sections of a galvanized metal tray to make this colorful serving platter. Paint over the lines of tape and remove when dry for a perfect stripe. Choose a mix of bold, dark, and pastel colors for a funky look.

Stained Server

Colored wood is always trending, but gone are days of regular old paint. Instead, try stenciling a pattern onto a wooden tray with colored water-base stain. You'll get the pretty effect paint offers but still be able to see the natural wood detail.

Floor-Tile Flip

Instantly class up your cheese plate with this simple and beautiful hardware store creation. Made with a marble floor tile and a pair of drawer pulls, the only tools you'll need are a power drill and a screwdriver.

Gold and Bold

Class up a serving tray with metallic spray paint. On this DIY serving tray, gold stencil roses highlight trendy teal. Use a stencil-adhereing spray to ensure the lines between petals aren't muddled.

Kitchen Kitsch

Create a vintage serving tray with a smooth glass plate, an old magazine advertisement, and decoupage medium. After cutting and trimming to the proper size, adhere paper to the underside of a plate. From the center and working toward the edges, smooth out any bubbles; let dry.

Stylish and Sweet

Decorate a cedar plank serving tray with pattern self-adhesive paper. Measure carefully, and press the edges of the paper into the corners to keep from peeling. The colorful design will liven up your lemonade and sweeten the look of your snacks.


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