DIY Painted Canvas Tote

Dress up a plain canvas tote with a stylish design painted in your favorite colors.

Dress up a plain canvas tote with a stylish painted design in your favorite colors.

Stylish and practical, a canvas tote makes the perfect beach bag, reusable grocery bag, or anything-and-everything bag. This funky geometric design evokes mountains, but you can create any design you'd like. Use tape to block off stripes, squares, or multicolored panels to make it your own. This DIY project is so simple, you can easily make a whole batch of bags to give as homemade gifts!

What You Need

  • Plain canvas tote
  • Iron
  • Masking tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Fabric paint

Step 1: Tape Off Design

Lay your tote on a flat surface. Tape off your first design as desired.

Step 2: Paint Design

Use fabric paint to fill in the area you taped off. Allow to dry before peeling off the tape. Repeat with other colors. (Overlapping shapes are encouraged!) When you are satisfied with your design, let dry completely.

Step 3: Make It Permanent

Set paint with an iron on the cotton setting. Place a piece of paper or scrap cloth over the design to protect it while ironing. Flip tote over and repeat the process from Step 1 if you'd like to paint both sides.


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