Try this DIY entryway idea yourself with cube storage units and a few simple supplies.

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Bring organizational harmony to hall spaces with this smart setup. Perfect for apartments or small homes, these DIY entryway ideas are completely customizable. Plus, the combination of cube units and a closet rod as entryway storage holds a surprising amount of stuff. 

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  • Working time 4 hrs
  • Start to finish 1 day
  • Difficulty Kind of Hard
  • Involves Painting, Sawing, Finding Wall Studs

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Assemble Cubes

Remove cubes from packaging, and assemble according to manufacturer's instructions. Wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust, glue, or grime.

We used a cube set from the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart.

Step 2

Arrange Cubes

Arrange the four-cube storage units into an L-shape. Cut 1/4-inch plywood to size to back each unit. Measure the length and width of the combined arrangement, adding an inch to each measurement for an overhang, and cut two pieces of 3/4-inch plywood to create a top and base.

Step 3

Prime and Paint

Gather all components that need to be painted: the two cube units, two plywood backings, plywood top and bottom, peg feet, closet rod, and closet rod brackets. Prime each piece, and paint with desired shade. Let dry.

Editor's Tip

Use a wood closet rod rather than a plastic or metal one to make it easier to paint and trim.

Step 4

Attach Backings and Base

Screw on shelf backings with 3/4-inch screws, then attach the base to the L-shape cube units with 1-inch screws. Secure the peg feet to the base using 1-inch screws.

Step 5

Create the Closet

Position the assembly in its desired location. Use a stud finder to locate available wall studs, and mark placement with a pencil. Secure the closet rod brackets to the wall studs with a drill. Use wall anchors if studs are not available. Hang closet rod on the brackets, and trim as needed. Now you have a simple entryway coat hanger.

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Step 6

Attach the Top

With 1-inch screws, screw the top plywood piece onto the vertical unit as well as the brackets for optimum stability. This area can also serve as a shelf for large purses, hats, or seasonal items such as scarves.

Step 7

Add Embellishments

If desired, attach magnetic shelves, stick-on hooks, or metal pockets to the inside of the unit, and label with permanent marker. Create cork or chalkboards by cutting foam-core board to fit inside one of the cubes. Cover the boards with cork shelf liner or chalkboard contact paper, and add a washi tape tab at the top for easy removal. You can use the space under the coat rack as a DIY entryway bench as-is or add a cushion for extra comfort.


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