Cheery Painted Utensils

Add a little wow to your kitchen with wooden utensils updated with splashy painted patterns.

Very quick and totally easy, try making your very own pretty painted kitchen utensils. Plain wooden kitchen tools can look boring and give your kitchen a lackluster feel. The tiny pops of color added here will make all the difference in your cooking space's aesthetic.

What You'll Need:

1. Plate

2. Wooden Utensils

3. Acrylic Paint

4. Foam Paint Brushes

5. Various Widths of Tape

What To Do:

To create these bright and cheerful painted utensils, start off by creating patterns with different sizes of tape. Make all your tools match, or have a unique design for each. Be sure to rub your finger over the tape to remove any air bubbles and seal the adhesive. You won't need too much paint for this project, so pour out just a little paint at a time onto the plate to avoid waste. Using the foam brush, coat the paint on each utensil. Apply one to two coats depending on your preferred level of coverage, drying between coats. Let tools completely dry before removing the tape and revealing your unique pattern. Note: Remember that acrylic paint is non-edible. Though the paint is only on the handle of the spoon, feel free to coat with a nontoxic sealant before use. Place these tools in a cute bin on your counter, or hang them along the wall for an extra cheerful look!



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