How to Make a Rustic White Berry Wreath That Will Last All Fall

Add the finishing touch to your fall front porch with a lasting white berry wreath. We'll show you how to make your own in three simple steps.

Project Overview
  • Working Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Skill Level: Kid-friendly

Set the tone for the season with this farmhouse-inspired white berry wreath. This handmade wreath easily transitions from Thanksgiving to Christmas but is pretty enough to be displayed year-round. Classic white berry sprigs pop against a simple grapevine form but any color berry would look lovely. Finish your rustic wreath with a soft velvet ribbon or a patterned one like buffalo check. Check out our Amazon shop for our favorite faux berry branches at every price point.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Wire cutters


  • Large grapevine wreath
  • White berries
  • Florists wire
  • Ribbon


  1. snipping off small branches of dogwood
    Jacob Fox

    Cut White Berry Stems

    There are dozens of artificial white berry options available online and in stores. So many that it's hard to choose! We used large hypericum berry stems, but any white berry stem and a few sprigs of faux greenery (like eucalyptus) would work. We found white berry stems ranged from $4 to $12 per stem. For a 12-inch wreath, you'll need three to four large berry stems. We used six branches to fill a 16-inch grapevine wreath form. Although they're available any time of year, they are the most economical during the holiday season when there's a wide variety of Christmas crafts supplies in stores.

    Start by cutting stems using wire cutters. We used long stems for weaving and short pieces to fill in the gaps, but start by cutting stems long and trimming as you go if needed.

  2. Weave Wreath

    Weave a stem through the twigs of the grapevine wreath to secure. Repeat, covering previous stems, until you've filled the wreath. Add sprigs to fill any gaps. Cut pieces of florists wire and twist them around any loose stems to secure. If you want to customize your wreath for the holidays, tie on small bells, ball ornaments, or red berry sprigs.

  3. Finish and Display

    To create the velvet bow, cut a 45-inch-long piece of ribbon. It sounds long, but trust us, having extra ribbon is better than not enough! Make double loops at about 7 inches from one end and 7 inches from the other. The double loops should be about 5 inches long. You should have a few inches of the ribbon hanging in the center. With the double loops gathered together in each of your hands (it takes a bit of practice), tie them together like you would a classic bow, and pull tight to create a four-looped bow.

    Thread florists wire through the back of the ribbon knot and tie around the wreath. There are several options for hanging your wreath—hooks to hangers. Use our helpful wreath-hanging tips to display your finished white berry wreath without damaging your door.

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