Woven Bench Cushion Project

Give simple wooden benches a colorful makeover by topping them with cushions made from dense foam covered with woven strips of Ultrasuede in citrus colors.


-- 14 X 44-inch bench -- Water-base primer -- White Latex paint -- 14 X 44-inch piece of 2-inch-thick foam (afabrics store can cut to size) -- Staple gun and staples -- 52 X 22-inch piece of pale yellow cotton fabric -- Long ruler or T-square -- Three 3 X 50-inch strips of Ultrasuede #4512 Green Grape -- Two 2-1/2 X 50-inch strips of Ultrasuede #8230 Orange Sherbet -- Six 3 X 20-inch strips of Ultrasuede #4575 Fresh Lime -- Five 3 X 20-inch strips of Ultrasuede #5228 Tulip -- Ten 1-1/16 X 20-inch strips of Ultrasuede #5227 Tulip -- Staple Gun and Staples -- Crafts knife or scissors

How -To:

1. Prime and then paint the bench base and legs.

2. Place foam on bench. Secure to bench by stapling yellow fabric over foam and under the top edge of the bench. Staple under the edge. Fold the corners neatly while stapling.

3. Using a ruler or T-square, measure and cut the Ultrasuede strips.

4. Attach the horizontal strips side by side by stapling the ends under the edge of the bench. Weave the vertical strips, making sure they're placed snugly against each other, and staple the ends under the bench. Flip over the bench, and trim excess Ultrasuede.


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