How To: Stencil a Slipcover

Customize a plain chair slipcover with a do-it-yourself monogram painted in a color that matches your room's scheme.

Whether you choose to stencil a monogram or a pattern, the easy steps below will help you learn how to paint on fabric. Using a paint pen makes this project even easier, but if you feel comfortable wielding a paintbrush, the same steps apply.

How to stencil a slipcover


Parsons chair slipcover

Computer and printer


Dressmaker's carbon paper


Fabric paint marker

1. Print a monogram from your computer in your desired font and size. Press slipcover and place on work surface with a piece of cardboard between the layers. Position dressmaker's carbon paper on the slipcover according to manufacturer's instructions. Place monogram on top of carbon paper and trace using a pencil; lift carbon paper from slipcover and discard.

2. Paint the monogram using the paint marker in desired color, outlining and filling in small sections at a time; let dry.

3. Add detailed touches, such as the dots shown here, to the monogram using the paint marker; let dry. If desired, heat-set the monogram using an iron according to paint marker manufacturer's instructions.

DIY Tip: We concealed the flaws of a garage sale chair with a purchased parsons chair slipcover. We embellished the slipcover by using a yard of yellow floral fabric to fashion a seat cushion, sewing a band of trim to the bottom, and adding a flower to the back where the ties meet.


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