Gift Wrap Accents from Paper & Crafts Scraps

Make the outside of a gift just as special as what's inside with these trimmings made from paper and crafts scraps.

Try your hand at these six fantastic, nearly-free gift wrap accent ideas that reuse crafts scraps and pep up any parcel.

Paper cupcake liners in punchy colors and patterns take center stage as this fluffed-up flower. Find different-size cupcake liners, layer one atop another, starting with the largest at the base (alternating patterns with solids), and secure each layer with glue. Cut "petals" into the outermost liners and attach the flower to the gift with tape or glue.

For this flower-theme embellishment, try this elementary school trick to make the perfect petal: Tightly wind a strip of paper around a pencil, then release. Repeat with four more strips to make the remaining flower petals. With a contrasting paper color, use the same technique to form a stem. Lay out a floral design and secure each petal to the stem with glue, then glue the completed decoration to gift wrap. Tip: Squeeze white glue into a shallow lid or dish, then lightly dip the bottom of each flower decoration before pressing onto package.

Repurpose knitting leftovers with this woven technique. Wrap yarn around a present about 20 times and knot at the back of the gift. Weave alternating colors of paper cut into thin strips through the newly created yarn "loom."

Customize a simply wrapped gift with a lovely monogram. First, adhere a scrap piece of patterned paper to the gift box; this will serve as the background of the cutout monogram. After wrapping the present, make a template letter from a printout of a favorite font. Place it directly over the patterned-paper area and cut through the gift wrap by lightly following the template with a crafts knife. If parts of the letter come loose, adhere to the background paper with glue.

Give a present that will stand out from the crowd! Adhere two coordinating strips of paper back-to-back with glue (or use a paper patterned on both sides), and cut the dual-patterned strip with a crafts knife according to the template (download available below). Attach the paper strip to a wrapped present with glue, and fold up the newly cut peaks in the same direction. (Be sure to apply glue just to the edges so you don't seal the peaks.)

Download peaked-paper gift wrap accent.

Create this charming strand of circles to add instant pep to any parcel. Punch circles out of coordinating paper using a crafts punch and arrange in a pleasing, layered pattern. Link the circles by feeding a few at a time through the sewing machine. To add texture, occasionally fold some circles along the length of thread. Glue the finished garland to the package.


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