Create a pretty decorative pillow with the help of fabric dye, paint pens, markers, and more.


Groovy Tie-Dye Pillows

Pillows are a great way to express your personality in an otherwise utilitarian space. These groovy tie-dye designs are simply made with white cotton dipped in fabric dye. For the pink design, fold the fabric in quarters, twist it, and leave it in pink dye for about 5 minutes. For the blue design, fold the fabric in half, dip the folded half (the center) for 2 seconds, then lay the other sides in the dye for 10-15 minutes.

Houndstooth Pattern Pillow

Use a houndstooth pattern stencil and paint pens to give a plain pillow a positive vibe.

Polka-Dot and Sunburst Pillows

Paint transforms plain-Jane pillow covers. Slip cardboard inside the case while painting to prevent paint from bleeding through. For the sunburst design, tape off desired angles. Apply paint to fabric using a stencil brush. Remove tape when paint is dry. The polka-dot pillow uses five fabric paints and foam dabbers. Start with the largest dabber and work to the smallest, pressing straight down to apply the color evenly.

Soft Flower Pillow

For this pretty flower pillow, draw a design using a black fabric marker and let dry. Dampen leaf areas and apply paint, allowing some paint to bleed outside the lines. Heat-set paint according to manufacturer's instructions.

Watered-Down Fabric Paint Pillow

To ensure plenty of comfy lounging, pillows are a priority. Dilute fabric paint with water, and lightly brush flowers and ocean waves onto blank white outdoor pillows. Let dry.


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