Paint a Chair Cushion

Give a plain chair cushion a custom look with paint. This easy DIY shows you how.

What You Need

Chair cushion

Thin painter's tape (We used Martha Stewart Crafts brand.)

Clean cloth

Artist's paintbrush

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (We used Old White and Teal.)

Step 1

Apply strips of 1/4-inch-wide tape about 2 inches apart across a seat cushion.

Step 2

Use a wet cloth to dampen a workable area of the cushion. We dampened one taped-off strip at a time.

Step 3

Use a medium-size artist's brush to paint slanted lines across the dampened strip. Repeat with adjoining strip, dampening and then painting lines angled the opposite way of the first strip.

Step 4

Remove tape when paint is partially dry but still tacky. Let dry completely. Accentuate the cushion buttons by painting them in an accent color (we used a dark teal).

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