No need for a needle and thread with these easy no-sew pillow projects. Use transfer paper, buttons, and beyond to create easy statement pillows without the hassle of sewing.


Bird Pillow

Your friends will be all atwitter when they see your handiwork on this precious pillow. To assemble, trace a favorite shape on contact paper. Cut it out and press the paper onto a solid-color pillow. With a light touch, apply puffy-paint dots around the outside of the design, dispersing the dots as you move away from the design. Allow the paint to dry 3 hours, then remove the contact paper.

Button Pillow

Add personality to a plain purchased pillow with a monogram that requires no sewing skills. Just trace the letter using a template, then glue on buttons to fill in the shape.

Say It with Fabric

Get the look of applique with this no-sew pillow technique. Cut out the letters of a word or phrase from fabric, and attach to plain pillows with fusible interfacing.

Embellished Pillow

Embellish a store-bought pillow using transfer paper. On your computer, design and print a letter, number, or other motif to the desired size. Scan quilt fabric, and print it onto fabric transfer paper (or ask a copy shop to copy the design onto transfer paper). Trace your printed design onto the fabric transfer paper and cut it out. Remove the pillow insert, and then transfer the image to the pillow cover following the manufacturer's instructions. Cotton fabric works best with transfer paper.

Map Pillow

Stoke your wanderlust with a pillow that features a map. Find an image from an old atlas, or score a map of your favorite city or dream destination. Scan your image or find free clip art online. Use image-editing software to create a mirror image of your map, then print it with an ink-jet printer onto iron-on transfer paper. Iron the image onto light-color linen fabric following package directions. Peel away the transfer backing to reveal the image. Use heat-set tape to adhere it to a pillow.

Starry Yellow Pillow

Add sunny yellow accents to your abode. Using painter's tape on a white pillow cover, tape a large asterisk off-center, then add short angled pieces to create a hexagon and star. Paint the surface with yellow fabric paint, and remove the tape when the paint is still tacky. Heat-set the paint according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Geometric Ribbon Design

Use fusible web to attach ribbon to a pillow in a geometric design. First, attach the fusible web to the back of the ribbon. Then lay out the ribbon in the desired design. Hold it in place with pins, then iron it onto the pillow according to the package directions.


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