These snack boats are perfect for your next pool party! We've got you covered with step-by-step folding instructions—you'll have a whole fleet made in no time.

Our simple folding instructions will help you turn ordinary cardstock into a set of adorable paper boats. Guests will be wowed by how intricate these boats appear, but they're actually super easy to create with our step-by-step instructions. Use them as party decorations or fill them with tasty treats! Set them out at nautical-theme gatherings, summer pool parties, pirate-theme birthday parties, or any other kind of celebration.

  • Working time 20 mins
  • Start to finish 20 mins
  • Difficulty Kind of easy

What you need


How to do it

Step 1

Fold in half

Start with a piece of letter-size colored cardstock. If you’re planning to put snacks in the boat, a medium weight of cardstock works best—regular printer paper isn’t sturdy enough to hold food, and heavy cardstock doesn’t fold as well. Start by folding the paper in half width-wise, then fold in half length-wise.

Step 2

Form a point

Unfold the length-wise fold, leaving a crease visible in the center of the paper. Fold the top left and right corners of the paper so the edges meet in the middle at the crease you made earlier—don’t worry about getting a perfect point at the top. There will be about an inch of flat paper left under the folds; fold both corners up on both sides.

Step 3

Fold and pull

Fold the inch-long flaps up on both sides of the boat, then gently pull both sides apart so a square opening forms under the large point.

Step 4

Press into diamond shape

Hold the flaps you just folded and pull them apart, pulling out on the left and right. The point of the boat will stretch to form a square—press down on this to create a diamond shape. Then, fold the bottom half of each side up and crease.

Step 5

Pull and fold

After creasing the last fold, pull the edges apart the same way you did in the last step. Pull apart so the triangle folds form a square, and press down to crease.  

Step 6

Fold into boat shape

Look for a triangular flap on each side—gently pull on these to reveal the boat shape. Reach up from the bottom and use your fingers to open the inside point as you gently fold the triangle sides down. If the paper starts to rip, fold and crease the sides of the boat (where the two triangle flaps meet) to allow the paper to bend more easily.

Step 7

Fill boats with snacks

Repeat this process until you have enough snack boats for your party, then fill with treats! Dry, oil-free snacks work best; greasy or oily snacks will soak through the paper, which isn’t ideal for a party. Individually wrapped candies are always a safe bet!


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