Transform a spare swatch of fabric into a beautiful work of wall art with these easy project ideas.


Linen Prints

Bring walls into bloom with homemade art. Find free botanical images online and print them onto old book pages, or purchase printed pages from Etsy. To create a textural mat, cut linen a little larger than the page and machine-stitch 1/2 inch from all edges. Fray the edges by pulling out threads down to the stitched line. Machine-stitch the page to the linen mat, then hang using bulldog clips.

Embroidered Flowers

Make easy artwork from fabric remnants. Hand-stitch along a flower motif using embroidery floss, then frame the fabric.

Framed Lace

Need an easy decorating idea? Buy yardages of various laces, then layer the pieces on top of floral fabrics and place inside wooden embroidery hoops. Insert multiple layers to allow different textures to become visible through the open areas on the top layer. Once you're happy with the look, trim the laces and glue the edges to the backs of the hoops.

Doodle Art

With a piece of fabric, some markers, and a few can-do techniques, you can create one-of-a-kind wall art. Think you can't draw? With these tricks, you'll think otherwise! See instructions for this project here.

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December 31, 2018
Some fun ideas here. Vintage scarfs and hankies make fabulous wall at!