27 Easy Sewing Projects Anyone Can Make, Even Beginners

flowers, sunglasses and wallet in beige tote bag
Photo: Brie Passano

Use our free sewing patterns to whip up easy crafts and gifts. We've included projects for all skill levels, so you don't need to be a master seamstress to make them.

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Simple Six-Pocket Bag

fabric purse holding pen journal and sunglasses
Jacob Fox

Make a DIY six-pocket bag that has space for everything you need to carry. This handmade bag uses three fabrics, so you can easily create a tote that matches your style.

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Fabric Utensil Holder

wooden kitchen utencils cloth holder
Jacob Fox

This roll-up fabric pouch is an easy way to store whatever loose utensils and accessories you have laying around; it's also an easy way to transport them! Corral your eco-friendly utensils, reusable straws, or makeup brushes inside this clever utensil holder that has divided pockets to fit both narrow and wide items. Then roll it up and fasten the tie ends for compact storage.

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DIY Envelope Clutch

hand putting lipstick in flowered envelope clutch
Brie Passano

This DIY envelope clutch is "sew" simple! All you need are three rectangles: One batting ($4, Joann), one print for the exterior, and one print for the lining. Use it as a clutch while running errands, or toss it in your go-to travel bag.

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Knot Bag

diy sewn craft bag with blue yarn and sewing needles
Jacob Fox

Add this simple carryall to your bag of sewing tricks. Pick two fabrics, one for the exterior and one for the lining, and whip up the trendy Japanese knot bag-inspired shape in a flash. Use it to transport your knitting supplies, or as a reusable grocery bag.

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Cotton Drawstring Bag

bathroom tray with fabric bag and products
Jacob Fox

Keep your wallet, keys, and cell phone safe in this cute, quick-to-make cotton drawstring bag. It's made from just two inexpensive materials and can be completed in an afternoon.

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DIY Canvas Tote Bag

flowers, sunglasses and wallet in beige tote bag
Brie Passano

This DIY tote bag is easy to create but makes a big statement. We paired two neutral fabrics with a bold floral print to create a handy carryall that's perfect for your weekly farmers market finds, library books, or pool essentials.

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Stitched House Pillows

felt house pillows and draped chevron throw on white chair
Jason Donnelly

Mixed patterns and free-handed stitches give these DIY pillows an eclectic charm. Use scraps of fabric to create small house shapes, then decorate with stitched felt doors and windows. We used a sewing machine for the main blocks of fabric, but these handmade pillows are small enough you could stitch them up by hand.

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Stitched Face Pillows

different designs of pillows with yarn faces
Jason Donnelly

Build a family portrait right on your couch with these adorable personalized face pillows! Use fabric paint and thick yarn ($6, Joann) to add hair and facial expressions to a set of plain pillow covers—no sewing machine required!

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Reusable Snack Bag

hand grabbing cracker from butterfly patterned snack pouch
Brie Passano

Pack a lunch without wasting individual plastic bags! Whether you're packing a full meal or a quick bite to eat, these reusable snack bags are an eco-friendly option. You can seal the bags with velcro (no spilled snacks here!) and wash them as needed, thanks to a water-resistant inner liner. Pair this project with our no-sew beeswax food wraps to cut down on plastic use in other areas of the kitchen.

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Reusable Sandwich Bag

half folded closed flowered sandwich pouch
Brie Passano

Eliminate the need for plastic bags or containers with this washable, reusable sandwich wrap. You only need one piece of patterned fabric, a water-resistant liner, and a piece of velcro—and it's so easy to assemble! Make a few different sizes for your family and never worry about plastic waste while deciding what to pack for lunch!

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DIY Envelope Pillow

gray sofa with graphic throw pillows
Jay Wilde

Upcycle a treasured shirt into a homemade piece of decor. Create your own DIY envelope pillow in just four simple steps. It's easy to customize the size of your pillow to fit any insert.

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Fabric Bunting Garland

slatted headboard with diy fabric bunting
Jay Wilde

Decorate your home with a sewn fabric bunting. The pieces are small enough that you only need to use fat quarters, and bias tape ($2, Joann) makes it a cinch to stitch together! Use fun floral prints to make a sweet addition to a girls' bedroom, or use festive patterns to create a DIY party decoration.

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Try Visible Mending

jean jacket with colorful stitching
Carson Downing

Just a little decorative mending is all it takes to give worn out clothes, curtains, or duvet covers new life. Get our basics for visible mending and darning socks. You'll only need to learn a few simple stitches.

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Tissue-Pack Cover

Tissue-Pack Cover
Cameron Sadeghpour

Scraps of bright print fabric are perfect for hiding unsightly travel tissue packs ($2, Target). Make these DIY tissue covers to match your room, your car, or your office.

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Coffee-Cup Cozy

Coffee-Cup Cozy
Cameron Sadeghpour

Sweeten your morning jolt with a coffee-cup cozy in your choice of three delicious varieties. These aren't just for hot drinks—use them for your iced coffee drinks too!

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Hidden Tab Curtains

hung curtains with brushstroke dot pattern
Jay Wilde

Dress up your windows with a set of DIY hidden tab curtains. Making your own drapes is as easy as picking your fabric and correctly measuring your space. We'll show you how!

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Precious Pot Holders

Handmade Pot Holders
Adam Albright

Spice up someone's kitchen by gifting festive handmade pot holders and oven mitts. This makes a fun DIY Christmas gift or housewarming present.

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Oilcloth Table Runner

finished diy blue table runner and placemats
Jay Wilde

Upgrade your table with this handmade oilcloth table runner. This easy-to-clean table linen is ideal for beginner sewers. It's ready in just three steps.

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Bright Bookend

sandbag bookends
Greg Scheidemann

Instead of standard bookends, sew sandbags from fun, colorful fabric to corral your books, files, and folders. Cut two 8x10-inch pieces of fabric, place right sides together, and sew three sides using ½-inch seam allowances. Turn right side out, then insert a sealable plastic bag filled with sand. Topstitch all around to finish.

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Funky Journals

fabric-covered journal
Cameron Sadeghpour

Camouflage the cover of a plain-Jane spiral notebook with fabric scraps to make a noteworthy fabric-covered journal. Look for fat quarters at the store for this project.

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Easy, Breezy Tote

multicolor tote bag
Greg Scheidemann

Make this roomy tote bag by combining multicolor stripes and whimsical coordinates. Customize it with any pattern and colors you like!

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Yo-Yo Art

Yo-yo wall art
Adam Albright

Plain-Jane yo-yos are elevated to a new level when mounted on a painted artist's canvas and presented as a wall hanging. These handmade fabric yo-yos are assembled in an unorthodox manner; some are right side up and others are upside down to show off the colorful prints. Sew yo-yos together; then attach them to the edge of the frame with a staple gun. For a fast finish, skip the sewing and use a hot-glue gun ($12, Target) to secure yo-yos.

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Weighted Blanket

DIY Weighted Blanket
Matthew Clark

This DIY weighted blanket could be the key to a better night of sleep! Making your own in an affordable alternative to some of the pricey store-bought options. Customize your blanket based on your body weight.

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Stylish Patchwork Bag

Stylish Patchwork Bag
Marty Baldwin

Sew with your favorite fabrics to to stitch up a stylish patchwork bag. Use it as your everyday bag, or keep it in the car to transport groceries.

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Decorative Tea Towels

Decorative Tea Towels
Jay Wilde

Quickly dress up tea towels with a variety of coordinating ribbons and fabric ruffles. Simply cut the trims slightly longer than the width of the towel, then topstitch the strips in place.

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Sew Curtain Panels

Stylish Patchwork Bag
Marty Baldwin

Take the guesswork out of making curtains with our step-by-step guide. We'll show you how to measure, cut, and sew professional-looking curtain panels that will instantly transform your space.

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Chicken Applique Kitchen Quilt

Chicken Applique Kitchen Quilt
Marty Baldwin

A chicken-wire print background and appliques in feed-sack reproductions combine in this cute kitchen wall hanging. The border corners are fussy-cut from a large-scale farm print. The appliques are fused in place, then machine-blanket-stitched with blank thread.

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