Easy Screen-Print Projects Straight Out of a Pinterest Dream

Make your own artwork and patterned accessories with these easy DIY screen print projects you can re-create at home.

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    Pattern Play

    Use favorite photos and sketches to create custom screen-print art and accessories for your home! We experimented with different printing techniques to punch up the following pieces.

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    Custom Screens

    Free your favorite pet portrait from its frame and ink it onto a plain pillow. We sent this cat photo to a custom screen-making company, which made ready-to-use screens for this project. A hand-drawn tribal pattern was printed onto the pillow by repeatedly inking and rotating a small screen.

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    Printed Wall Art

    To complete this three-color print, we used three screens -- one for each color of the design. Download the artwork using the link below, then trace each design onto a separate screen. Draw paint onto areas of each screen where ink should pass through the screen, and apply screen filler to all areas where the ink should not pass through.

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    Abstract Canvas Art

    Help your walls rock Rothko style with this simple abstract canvas art tutorial. A single screen was used to print bands of color across an artist's canvas. Get the step-by-step below.

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    Screen-Printed Motifs

    Plain-white bedroom accessories are the perfect blank canvases for customizing with screen-printed motifs. Graphic, leafy motifs repeat across the edge of a pillowcase, form rows on a duvet, and add a pop of color to the side of a flat lampshade.

    Editor's Tip: Make it last! Use screen-printing ink for fabric that becomes permanent when heat-set.

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