Do It Yourself Ottoman

Make a custom ottoman for your home with these step-by-step instructions.

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    Trendy Ottoman

    Using entry-level upholstery skills, minimal tools, and no sewing, we created these splashy little ottomans topped with graphic embroidered textiles.

    Editor's Tip: Add elegance to your project with furniture-style casters. Simply attach to bun feet painted black for drama.

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    Under the Surface

    The most important parts of the ottoman are the layers. Here is a peek inside, from top to bottom.

    Fabric: Cut into a circle 6-1/2 inches wider all around than the round plywood base.
    Muslin: Cut into a circle 6-1/2 inches wider all around than the round plywood base.
    Quilt batting: Cut 2 layers to the size of the plywood base.
    Upholstery batting: Cut 2 layers to the size of the plywood base.
    High-density foam: Cut to the size of your plywood round, using a serrated knife. The foam comes 24-inches wide. Use high-tack adhesive crafts glue to join pieces for more width.
    Plywood: Buy one precut piece at your local home center -- check the woodworking aisle.

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    Tools You'll Need

    -- Serrated knife
    -- Scissors
    -- Staple gun and staples
    -- Cordless drill
    -- Paintbrush

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    Step 1: Set Guidelines

    Using a marker, draw a guideline 2 inches from the edge of the wood base. Mark four even points on the circle. Fold and press the muslin into fourths. Smooth muslin over the batting layers, turn upside down, then match up the folds in the muslin with the lines on the base. Start stapling the muslin around the wood base, keeping the muslin folds aligned with the marker points.

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    Step 2: Add the Fabric

    Center decorative textile or fabric over the muslin, smoothing in place, then staple to the base as with Step 1, dividing into four sections and easing the fabric as you go.

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    Step 3: Embellishments

    Add a decorative edge by stapling the trim piece to the base. Allowing 3/4 inch along trim edge, position right sides together, then staple through the waistband buckram to secure the trim.

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    Step 4: Add Some Glam

    Turn back the decorative edge and glue in place with fabrics glue. Add decorative embellishments such as beads and sequins if desired.

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    Step 5: Add the Feet

    Attach feet to the base (paint them first) with mounting hardware. Screw hardware to the base, then attach feet. Add decorative casters for a final flourish.

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