Cottage Patchwork Shower Curtain

Brighten your morning routine with a quilted shower curtain made from your favorite fabrics.

What You Need

  • 6 -- 2/3 yard pieces assorted pink prints and green prints (blocks)
  • 2-1/2 yards pink floral (border)
  • 4-1/8 yards solid white (lining)
  • 2 X 72" strip heavyweight fusible interfacing
  • Embroidery floss: cream
  • 25 -- 1/2"-diameter buttons
  • Plastic shower curtain liner
  • Shower curtain rings or hooks

Fast-Piecing Secrets

  • Use a 1/4" seam guide.
  • Press or pin pieces together before sewing, but don't sew over the pins.
  • Engage your machine's walking foot to reduce stretching pieces while sewing.
  • Chain-piece blocks and rows.
  • Place a block that is slightly longer than the other on the bottom. The feed dogs will ease in the bit of extra fullness.
  • Use strip sets, when possible, to sew-cuts-sew blocks, such as Nine-Patch, instead of working with individual pieces.
  • Clip threads as you go, so you don't have to work around extra threads.
  • Organize your sewing-have all pieces ready to sew, extra bobbins wound, and your iron on and close by.

Cut Your Fabrics:

From each assorted pink print and green print, cut: -- 6 --10-1¿2" squares

From pink floral, cut: --2 --6-1/2 X 74-1/4" border strips --1 --4-1/2 X 72-1/2" header strip --1 --10-1/4 X 60-1/2" border strip --1 --4-1/2 X 60-1/2" border strip

From solid white, cut: --1 --36-1/2 X 73-1/4" rectangle --2 --18-1/2 X 73-1/4" rectangles

Assemble Shower Curtain Front

  1. Lay out the 36 assorted print 10-1/2" squares in six horizontal rows (see the Shower Curtain Assembly Guide)
  2. Sew together squares in each row. Press seams in one direction, alternating direction with each row. Join rows to make shower curtain center. Press seams in one direction. The shower curtain center should be 60-1/2" square including seam allowances.
  3. Join the pink floral 10-1/4 X 60-1/2" border strip to bottom edge of shower curtain center. Join the pink floral 4-1/2 X 60-1/2" border strip to top edge of shower curtain center. Press seams toward border.
  4. Sew a pink floral 6-1/2 X 74-1/4" border strip to each remaining edge of shower curtain center to make shower curtain front. Press seams toward border.
  5. Turn bottom edge of shower curtain front under 2" twice; sew along fold to complete shower curtain front.

Assemble and Add Lining

  1. Join a solid white 18-1/2 X 73-1/4" rectangle to each long edge of the solid white 36-1/2 X 73-1/4" rectangle to make the lining. Press seams toward center. Turn bottom edge of lining under 2" twice; sew along fold to complete lining.
  2. With right sides together and top edges aligned, sew together shower curtain front and lining along side edges. Turn to right side and topstitch side edges. Baste together top edges of shower curtain front and lining. Add header.
  3. With wrong sides together, press pink floral 4-1/2 X 72-1/2" header strip in half lengthwise. Open up strip and press under 1/4" along one long edge.
  4. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse 2 X 72" interfacing strip to wrong side of header strip with pressed-under edge.
  5. Pin unpressed edge of header strip to top edge of shower curtain, extending header strip 1/4" beyond each shower curtain edge. Sew together; press seam toward header.
  6. Fold header strip on previous fold with right sides together and long edges aligned.
  7. Sew short ends of header with 1/4" seam allowance (even with finished side edges of shower curtain). Turn header right side out and whipstitch folded edge to inside of shower curtain.

Finish the Shower Curtain

  1. With chalk, mark positions for buttonholes across pink floral header, using holes in plastic shower curtain liner as a guide for spacing. Following your sewing machine's instructions for making buttonholes, stitch a 1" vertical buttonhole at each mark.
  2. Using six strands of embroidery floss, sew a button at each intersection of the pieced
  3. 10-1/2" squares, catching the lining in the stitches.
  4. To hang, insert shower curtain rings or hooks through holes in header and shower curtain liner.


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