Burlap Projects

Burlap Projects
Burlap is an affordable, readily-available crafting material that adds a rustic touch to decor. Bring the look home with these five home decor crafts starring burlap.

Burlap Pillow

Cut a burlap feed sack 2 inches wider on each side than the pillow you are going to cover. Then sew together all sides, leaving a 6-inch opening on one side. Turn the sack right side out so the stitching is now on the inside. Insert the pillow. Whipstitch the opening shut.

Burlap Wreath

Give a basic foam wreath, available at crafts stores, a rustic update with burlap. Secure the end of a spool of burlap garland in the wreath with straight pins, then wrap to cover the wreath. To make each flower, cut six circles of burlap in the same size and lay one flat, then fold another in half, then in half again and stitch to the base with the point toward the center. Repeat with two more circles to cover the base, stitching them on top of your original three. Secure to the wreath with a pin through the center.

Burlap Runner

A length of light-color burlap becomes a modern table runner with a quick dip in a dye bath. Pick up enough burlap yardage from the fabrics store so that it hangs 1-2 feet off the ends of your table. Cut it lengthwise so it is several inches narrower than the width of your table (you can trim after dyeing if needed). We used Rit fabric dye in fuchsia to dye one-third of the runner on each end. To create a slight ombre effect, we repeated the dye bath on one-sixth of the runner on each end to darken the color. Fringe the edges of the runner if desired. 

Burlap Art

Stretch a piece of burlap over a canvas for easy artwork. Cut a piece of burlap large enough to wrap around to the back of a painter’s stretched canvas. For the monogram, iron fusible adhesive to the back of a pretty piece of fabric. Draw a letter, or trace a wooden letter or stencil from the crafts store onto the fabric. Cut out the letter and iron it onto the burlap. Pull the burlap tight across the canvas and staple the excess fabric to the back of the frame.

Burlap Upholstery

Check thrift and antiques stores or neighborhood garage sales for a chair with a removable seat. Remove the seat and paint the chair frame as needed. Look for either new or vintage burlap to re-cover the seat.

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