Adorable Paper Tassels: $5 Decor Idea!

Whip up whimsical, party-ready tassles in minutes with this easy tutorial.

We've all opened a gift that's stuffed to the brim with tissue paper. Instead of throwing the paper away, put it to use with this cute tassel craft! All you need is tissue paper, scissors, wire, and some twine.

We used different shades of pink for our tassel garland to create an ombre effect, but feel free to get creative with colors. Use black and white, the colors of the rainbow, holiday hues, or whatever shades of tissue paper you have on hand.

Inexpensive twine holds the garland together. Try hanging festive bunting across a mantel for a child's birthday, or string a garland between slats in a pergola for a stylish addition to an outdoor dinner party. Either way, your guests are sure to wonder where your chic tassel decorations came from—and only you need to know that they were DIY.

Adorable Paper Tassles: $5 Decor Idea!

What You Need

  • Tissue paper (20 x 20-inch sheets)
  • Scisscors
  • Wire
  • Ribbon or twine

Step 1: Cut and Fold

Take one sheet of tissue paper, and cut it to your desired size. Fold it several times to create layers, and unfold. Then fold the paper in half vertically. At this point you will have three open edges and one closed edge.

Other Ways to Decorate with Paper

Step 2: Cut Fringe

Starting on the open end of the paper, cut through the layers toward the closed side. Make cuts every inch or so. Do not cut through the folded side.

Step 3: Open and Roll

Carefully open up the paper. You should have identical cut strips on each side of a 2-inch uncut area in the center. Tightly roll along the uncut center area.

Step 4: Fold and Loop

Fold the rolled paper in half, and twist the tip of the tassel. Secure with wire, cutting away any excess. Create a loop at the tip of the tassel, and thread a piece of wire through. Hang multiple tassels on ribbon or twine to create a garland. Now it's time to party!

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