It's time to think out of the box! Amp up the storage in your home with new and creative ways to use (and reuse) wood crates. Whether you're making a DIY coffee table or a homemade wine station, our wood crate ideas are perfect for your decor.

By Katrina Widener
March 08, 2016

Wood Crate Coffee Table

wooden crates

Turn six brand new wood crates into a simple, yet, sturdy coffee table in no time. Give the entire display a distressed finish by lightly dipping a paintbrush into semigloss paint, brushing off excess, and brushing over the entire piece; let dry.


Wood Crate Coffee Table Tip: Finding Crates

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While vintage crates offer loads of character sometimes projects call for uniformity, like for our coffee table project. Try finding pristine crates at big box stores (usually you can find them in multiple sizes, too!).

Wood Crate Coffee Table Tip: Attaching the Crates

wooden crates

Secure the bottoms and sides of the crates together so the open sides are facing out. When working with the wood in the crates, drill pilot holes and use a countersink so screws sit flush. We used 1 1/4-inch wood screws for our table.

Wood Crate Coffee Table Tip: Adding Casters

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Give your new coffee table wheels by adding metal casters to the bottom. Cut a base to size from 3/4-inch-thick-medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and sand the edges. Measuring 1 1/2-inches in at each corner, drill holes with a 1/4-inch bit, and bolt on casters with 1/4x1 1/x-inch caster bolts and a lock washer and nut. Adhere the crates to the base using construction adhesive, then add 1 1/4-inch screw at the corners and center.

Wood Crate Entryway Storage

wooden crate storage

Give yourself a bright and vibrant front entry, mudroom, or garage storage system using about a dozen beautiful vintage wood crates. A combination of a homemade wood crate bench, shelving, and other storage solutions bring the entryway solution together.

Wood Crate Entryway Storage: Building the Bench

wooden crate storage

Form the bench for your new storage system by securing the short sides of two crates with wood screws. Cut a top from 3/4-inch MDF, adding 1 1/2 inches to the length. Leaving a 3/4-inch overhang on each side, attach the MDF top to the crates using a countersink and wood screws. Measure and cut a base from MDF, and screw it to the side supports. Top screw heads with wood putty, lightly sand, and remove dust. Prime and paint the exposed edges and sides of the MDF boards, let dry. A thick piece of upholstery foam and a favorite fabric combine for a custom cushion.

Wood Crate Entryway Storage: Adding Shelves

wooden crate storage

Attach remaining crates together vertically for the sides and horizontally for the top of the storage system using wood screws, making sure to line up the inner edges for a cohesive look. Secure the sections to wall studs, if possible, or use drywall anchors. Painting the interior of each crate ties the system together, but leaves the fun vintage typography on display.

Wood Crate Entryway Storage: Hanging Hooks

wooden crate storage

Give even more storage to the area with a pair of freestanding hooks. Adjust the height of the hooks so they are within reach, yet tall enough for your coats and jackets.

Wood Crate Wine Station

wooden crate decor

Flea markets, antique stores, and secondhand shops are often teeming with vintage crates. Look for a sturdy one with an interesting shape and turn it into a rustically beautiful wine station.

Wood Crate Wine Station: Creating the Station

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Use a jar or glass to trace scallops onto the front of the crate. Cut using a jigsaw and a wood blade designed for fine cuts. Sand edges lightly, then add holes using drill bits. Vacuum and wipe the crate clean. Use a paintbrush to stain all sides of the crate; let dry. Use the hardware included with wineglass holders to secure them to the bottom of the crate. Hang entire assembly on wall.

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