LED string lights and a wood canvas combine forces for a bright, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

June 27, 2016

Illuminate a hallway or mantel with a night-light fashioned from a 12×12×1¾-inch basswood canvas and white LED string lights. Tip: Score a deal by purchasing the lights after the holiday season. Create a design on paper. (We traced small plates to help fashion our starburst). Plot dots evenly on the pattern, making sure the number of dots doesn't exceed the number of lights on the string. To transfer the design to the face of the canvas, use an awl to gently press pilot holes at the pencil-marked dots of the design. Practice on scrap wood first, if desired. Protect your work surface with a scrap of thick wood or a cutting board. This board also acts as a bumper for when the drill bit bores through. Drill pilot holes at the awl marks using a bit slightly smaller than the individual lightbulb to prevent splintering. Next, using a drill bit the size of the bulbs, enlarge the holes. Poke lights through the design from the back. Plug in.

Get the Wood Canvas Light Pattern


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