Update Thrift Store Glassware with Paint

Blue glass mason jar
Take those glass flea market finds and create pieces perfect for entertaining. Make a do-it-yourself cake stand, etched flower vases, and so much more.

Update Vintage Finds

Turn thrift store glassware into vintage-inspired party decor with the simple, fun, and charming projects that follow.

Take the Cake

Put your baked goodies on display with a one-of-a-kind cake stand. Wash and dry thrift store glasses, vases, candleholders, and plates. : Next, spray the glassware with a few light coats of spray paint; let dry between coats. See next slide for Step 2.

Treat Plate, Step 2

Coat the items with frosted-glass spray paint for a touch of texture and let dry. See next slide for Step 3.

Treat Plate, Step 3

Leave the plate as you purchased it, or paint only the bottom so the top remains food-safe. Once the pieces are dry, epoxy the glass to the plate bottom and let cure according to package instructions. Stack several for a charming tiered cake stand. Pile on the treats and let them eat cake!

Etched Glass

Add frosty frill to a plain glass vase. See next slide for Step 1.

Etched Glass, Step 1

Use a border punch to cut a design from adhesive shelf liner. Adhere the liner to the glass vase, smoothing out any air bubbles.

Etched Glass, Step 2

Following package instructions, spread a thick, generous layer of etching cream onto the vase, covering the design. Leave the cream on for the instructed time, and then rinse with water. Embellish with a paint pen if desired. Your newly etched vase is ready to flaunt flowers.

Candy Place Card

Create personalized place settings for guests to ogle and enjoy. See next slide for how-to.

Candy Place Card, How-To

On a small glass cup, spell out a name with stickers. Tape around the top and bottom edge of the glass with painter's or masking tape. Using a pouncer brush, dab acrylic paint lightly over the letters to coat the area between the tape. Once dry, apply a second coat. Let dry, then peel off the letters and tape. Fill the cup with colorful candies and a lollipop for a sweet treat.

Paint-Coated Vase

These colorful vases are as fun to make as they are to look at. See next slide for Step 1.

Paint-Coated Vase, Step 1

Pour enamel ceramic/glass paint into the bottom of the vase. See next slide for Step 2.

Paint-Coated Vase, Step 2

Hold the vase in your hands and tip it until the paint rolls around the inside, creating waves of color.
Tilt in different directions and leave some of the vase clear for interesting contrast. Let dry. See next slide for Step 3.

Paint-Coated Vase, Step 3

For added detail, use an oil-base paint marker to doodle tiny flowers on the outside of the vase. Fill a smaller clear vase with water and place inside your painted one to hold a bouquet.

DIY Mercury Glass Finish

Easily give a plain glass vase the lustrous look of mercury glass. Simply spritz the inside of a glass vase with water -- some of the water will bead, and some will run down inside the vase. While the vase's interior is still wet, spray it with a coat of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. Let dry before spraying another coat. The finished texture is a "mirror" image of mercury glass and will add sparkle to any table setting.

Mason Jar Drink Container

Get the nostalgic look of antique blue glass canning jars. Mix transparent blue glass paint with paint thinner. Paint the mixture onto the outside of the jar -- try to avoid drips and runs. Let dry, then bake the jar in a 350°F oven for 20 minutes to set the paint. Punch a hole slightly larger than a straw into the top of the jar lid and add a fun straw for old-fashioned flair.

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