Say Goodbye to Blank Walls with These 5 DIY Wall Art Ideas from TikTok

Decorate your home with these easy wall art ideas that can be completed in just an afternoon.

Finding the perfect piece of art isn't always a simple task. Sometimes you just can't find what you're looking for, or you do and it's out of your price range. Wall art is notorious for costing a pretty penny, but you can save big by DIYing your dream art. With more than 155.6 billion views and counting for the hashtag #diy, plus 596 million views for #wallart, TikTok is a prime source for wall art inspiration.

Whether you decide to use pool noodles to make a colorful rainbow perfect for a kid's room or transform ordinary wood dowels into an impressive nature-inspired piece, head to your local crafts store to gather the necessary supplies. Then check out these five TikTok tutorials for one-of-a-kind wall art that will look perfect in your home.

1. Textured Art

This minimalist textured wall art is the perfect addition to any home. Creator @diyer.keanu recommends using a sheet of wood rather than canvas because it tends to be cheaper. Paint the boards white first to prevent any wood from peeking through. Slowly use your putty knife to spread a layer of joint compound across the wood, then use a trowel to create your own line designs. Afterward, let dry and display or paint the color of your choice for an elevated look. Place three side-by-side in your living room or hang one alone in a bedroom or hallway.

2. Simple Painted Canvas

Painting your own wall art doesn't have to be a difficult task. Take inspiration from @elysebreannedesign on TikTok. Start by finding a small design that you can print and trace. Grab a canvas and three paint colors that complement your space. Use a pencil to section your canvas into three areas and paint each section with a different color. Once dry, use a permanent marker to trace the lines on your printed design. Make multiple to include in a gallery wall or simply place on a floating shelf in an office or bedroom.

3. High-End Art for Less

Inspired by a $300 fabric art piece, @bethany.hansen turned to Youtube to recreate this DIY artwork while remaining within her budget. Grab a large canvas and some string to get started. Next, wrap the string around a flat object similar to the size of your canvas. Cut and tape together in bundles, then attach the string bundles to your canvas with a staple gun. Weave the pieces in a random pattern to achieve the effortless look of the original. This DIY wall art looks high-end and serves as a conversation piece.

4. Nature-Inspired Artwork

Bringing the outdoors inside is a huge home design trend for 2022, and TikToker @housetohomediy used wood dowels and stain to create this beautiful nature-inspired wall art. Using a staple gun and wood glue, attach dowels to plywood to create a pattern of your choice. Use a scrap piece of wood to keep even spacing throughout. Use wood stain or paint to finish the look.

5. Kid's Room Wall Art

Looking for a unique piece for a kid's room? Don't worry, @sharee.designs has you covered. Using pool noodles and chunky yarn, you can create a playful rainbow. Start by wrapping double-sided tape around the pool noodle so the yarn sticks. Chose up to four different colors of yarn that match your current palette. After all the yarn is securely wrapped around the pool noodles, shape into a rainbow, and use dowels to hold the shape. Use white fluffy yarn to create cloud shapes and attach them to the bottom of your rainbow wall art.

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