11 Things That Look More Expensive with Gold Paint

Whether it's office furniture or decorative knickknacks, there's nothing that can't be improved with a touch of gold paint. We found 11 bloggers with the gift of the golden touch, whose inspiring DIY projects prove that metallic spray paint or liquid gilding can make almost everything look more expensive.

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    A Gilded Workstation

    A spritz of gold paint turned two desks with mismatched legs into a chic work space for Carrie of Dream Green DIY. We never would've guessed they originally came from the As Is section of IKEA!

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    How to Use Gold Leaf

    Glam up your favorite accessories with this easy DIY gold-leaf technique.

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    Gold-Edge Geodes

    DIY projects don't have to be complicated. Case in point: These store-bought agate coasters underwent a luxe transformation by Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue with a single coat of liquid gilding.

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    She Gilds Seashells by the Seashore

    Collecting shells from your beach vacation always seems like a good idea until you bring them home and stash them in a box. We love how Amy of Atta Girl Says dressed up hers with gold paint and incorporated them into glam coastal tablescapes.

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    Make a Golden First Impression

    Do your business cards best represent your professional persona? If they're not making enough of a stylish statement, try gilding the edges with gold spray paint like these from Camille Styles.

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    Easy, Breezy Metallic DIY

    Did you ever think a fan could be glam? Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling used gold and white spray paint to transform a dated fan into a beautiful breeze machine.

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    From Garbage to Glamorous

    Why recycle glass bottles when you can repurpose them as decorative vases? Following simple instructions from Cristina at Cautiously Obsessed, you'll be spray-painting gold stripes on all of your empty kombucha bottles faster than you can say, "Bottom's up!" 

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    Spoons That Shimmer

    When white feels too modern or minimalist, a little gold paint can go a long way. Sarah of Sarah Hearts gave porcelain mini spoons the Midas touch and posted her tutorial as an easy-to-follow video. 

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    Shiny Office Storage

    Bethany of Dwellings by Devore proves that gold makes almost anything look grown up in this easy DIY project. These spray-painted bookcases look positively luxe in her bright white home office

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    A Knockout Knockoff

    You won't guess this gold faceted lamp's original color. This luminous DIY idea by Allison of Dream a Little Bigger is a testament to the transformative power of spray paint. 

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    A Dazzling Duo

    White tapers dazzle from top to bottom when enhanced with metallic paint. We think it's brilliant how Jeran of Oleander and Palm used gold spray paint to up the glam factor of everyday candles.

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    Form Meets Function

    If you've never considered giving your trusty office supplies a glam makeover, we bet you will now! Summer of Simple Stylings gave new life to her desk accessories with a quick spray of gold paint.

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