These Galaxy-Inspired DIY Projects Are Out of This World

The latest trend in home decor shoots for the stars. Learn how to make the galaxy look your own with these stylish projects inspired by the cosmos.

1. Starry Table Topper

Make a conversation starter for your dining room with this DIY French knot constellation table runner. Inspired by the night sky, this three-dimensional runner is both quirky and classy. Paired with copper dishware and natural elements, the tablescape will be the trendiest on the block! After you nail this embroidered craft, you'll want to take needle and thread to so much more.

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2. Many Moons

So much of today's home decor is inspired by elements found in nature. This DIY project is no different. Make a gorgeous minimalist wall hanging that replicates the changing phases of the moon. Made with marbled polymer clay, this cosmic project is as fun to create as it is pretty.

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3. Glowing Galaxy

Turn your next canvas craft night into a starry adventure. This DIY project takes wall art up a notch by using string lights to illuminate the points on your favorite constellation. Stick with navy blue and stark white paints for stunning contrast. 

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4. Far, Far Away

Lay your head to rest on this beautiful galaxy pillow. Made from various brushstrokes and painting techniques, this project is fun to create. A single pillow looks great as an accent, or make a whole cluster of galaxy pillows for your bed. Just like the stars, no two pillows will be the same! 

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5. Night Sky Inspiration

Leave it to the stars to protect your coffee table from damaging water rings. These constellation coasters look fabulous, are on-trend, and most important, get the job done. Make your own using a celestial print of your choice and ceramic tiles. Felt dot stickers applied to the back prevent the coasters from scratching the table while guests gush over your creative skills.

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6. Rise and Shine

Looking for a way to brighten your mornings? Adorn your kitchen in these intergalactic coffee mugs. Made with splatter paint and deep hues, sipping coffee from a galaxy is a subtle way to remind yourself to reach for the stars every day. 

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7. Night Time

Get inspired by the night sky with a dreamy DIY moon clock. While building a clock might seem like a daunting task, it's made easy with a pre-built battery-operated clock set. Adhere a moon image to a corkboard and attach the moving hands for a stunning, functional piece of art.

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8. Embroidered Dreams

Dig through the junk drawer to find that lost spool of thread, and then get your grandmother on the phone. Embroidery is back in style. This time the trend isn't on clothes but, instead, on wall art and accessories. Learn how to embroider starry sky scenes for a DIY approach to this growing trend. Personalize the craft by stitching your astrological sign into a dark blue piece of fabric. Guests will be begging for one of their own. 

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9. Light the Sky

Dress up an old desk lamp with a galaxy-inspired paint job. Start by sponge painting blue and purple hues and finish the look off with black and gold splatter paint. This is a great craft for kids to try out and might even inspire them to study at their desk instead of the couch. A win-win for Mom!

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10. Moon Phases

With macrame and other multidimensional wall decor on the rise, we weren't surprised to come across this moon phase wall mobile. Made with clay moon shapes, its all-white design easily blends with minimalistic and eclectic design styles alike. Use brightly hued string for a fun pop of color.

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  1. Are there Maid services to help disabled people keep a clean apartment? Maybe not here but I bet they had a Robot to help, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away!

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