Terra-Cotta Pot Embellishments

Dress up plain terra-cotta pots with our free templates.

What You'll Need

Terra-cotta pot


Exterior paint (black and white)

Plaster of Paris

Sanding block

Laser-printed pattern (link below)

Acrylic gel medium

Spray spar urethane

Click here to download the patterns.


Step 1

Gather materials. Paint the pot's exterior black. Let dry.

Step 2

Mix white chalk paint: two parts white exterior latex paint to one part plaster of Paris. Apply a coat of chalk paint, right. Let dry.

Step 3

Use a sanding block to lightly distress the finish and reveal the undercoat, right.

Step 4

Cut away excess paper from a laser-printed copy of the pattern. (You will need to print the pattern on a laser printer for the pattern to transfer.)

Step 5

Apply acrylic gel medium on the pot where the image will transfer. Position the image facedown in the wet gel, right. Let dry 24-48 hours.

Step 6

Soak the pot in a shallow tray of warm water with the paper submerged for one to two minutes, right. Rub off the paper, leaving the image transfer in place.

Step 7

Seal the pot with spray spar urethane to preserve the finish

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