14 Summer DIY Projects That Will Brighten Your Home

Don't let summer slip by without a bit of creativity! These warm-weather crafts are sure to reignite your inspiration under the sun. Choose your favorites from our roundup of fun summer DIY projects, invite your friends and family over, and get crafting!

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    Bohemian Charger Plates

    With outdoor dining a near-daily occurrence in the summer, try rethinking your run-of-the-mill outdoor serving pieces. These DIY boho-inspired woven charger plates are easy to re-create at home using colorful paint. The best part? The painted patterned plates can be used season after season.

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    Marbled Pots

    It's time to graduate beyond plain store-bought terra-cotta pots. Make your own version of these DIY hand-marbled pots by pouring pigment on top of still standing water, then dipping your pots slowly into the floating paint. The results are always one-of-a-kind and can be tailored to your favorite color scheme.

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    Watermelon Print Napkins

    These cheeky watermelon-print napkins are perfect for those with a fruity summer sweet tooth. Get the look by cutting a sponge into wedge and rind shapes, then dip them into pink and green fabric paint. Next, press the paint-filled stamps onto plain white linen napkins, and finish by painting on black dots to mimic watermelon seeds.

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    Rope Tire Ottoman

    Kick back and relax with a DIY outdoor ottoman made from a tire and colorful rope.

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    Bud Vase Wall Art

    With dreamy photos of fresh flowers filling social media feeds everywhere, it's only natural to crave a bouquet or two for your own home. Rather than splurging on big bunches of live blooms, try picking up one small handful of cut stems from the supermarket, and spread them across multiple glass vases. When hung in wooden wall-mounted plaques like this DIY craft, you can make your modest flower budget go further.

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    Colorful Concrete Stool

    Extra seating is a hot summer commodity, what with friends and family visiting each weekend to celebrate the sunshine and warm temperatures. Give someone an extra special place to sit with this DIY concrete stool. To make, mix concrete powder and water in a bucket and add wooden dowels for legs. Allow to dry completely, then remove the stool from the bucket and paint the seat in your favorite color.

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    Color-Block Concrete Planters

    Add a splash of bold color to your patio or porch with easy painted planters.

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    Ombre Tablecloth

    Sure, you can pick up a ready-made tablecloth from the store, but chances are good that the same patterns and color schemes have made it into all the houses on your block. Set your seasonal tablescape apart with truly unique linens that only you can boast. It's easy to create something beautiful like this DIY ombre tablecloth using inexpensive dye, water, a white cloth, and a bucket, so give the craft a shot and prepare for lots of compliments at your next party.

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    Wood and Copper Succulent Stand

    Make the most of the abundant plant life that warm weather brings by creating your own version of this DIY succulent stand. Start by purchasing a ready-made wooden plank, then drill holes for concentric copper pipe fittings and funnels. Screw the metal pieces in place and fill the funnels with potting soil and succulents. Place against a wall where the funnels can drain, and enjoy your living outdoor decor.

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    Painted Tribal Print Welcome Mat

    Give your guests something fabulous to wipe their dirty sandals on this summer with a tribal-inspired mat. Make your own by creating a hand-cut template or purchasing a stencil from your local crafts store. Use colorful outdoor paint to transfer the design onto a plain straw front door rug.

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    Graphic Floral Monogram Centerpiece

    Celebrate your namesake along with the summer season by crafting this easy DIY centerpiece. To make, purchase or create a hollow mold in the shape of your monogram, then tuck flower-filled vases inside. Showcase your DIY floral monogram in the center of your summertime dinner table or buffet.

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    DIY Outdoor Side Table with Hairpin Legs

    Perk up your patio or porch with a fun patterned side table complete with retro hairpin legs.

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    DIY Tiered Hanging Plant Baskets

    Since we all crave different flavors daily, give yourself room to grow lots of summer herbs. A tiered planter like this DIY hanging basket can be re-created by stringing together multiple woven containers wtih colorful cording. Hang outside your kitchen window or on your porch so you can snip off the sprigs you want and leave the rest for another summertime supper.

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    Custom Floral Throw Pillows

    Make the look of fresh flowers last with this easy pillow project. Craft your own by using fabric markers and pens to add sketchy petal shapes to plain, solid-color pillows. Allow the ink to dry, then display the pillows on your outdoor seating. Tuck them away once autumn and winter settle in, then pull them back out in the spring.

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