You Won't Believe These Are Stick-On Embellishments

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Apply here for easy decorating transformations that rely on glue, tape, decals, and other adhesive surfaces. These home decorations include fabulous solutions such as faux wood walls, tape-based wallpaper, and DIY stick-on whiteboards. Turn to one of our sticky tricks the next time you need a quick update to your home.

Barnyard Chic

Get the look of an antique barnwood wall without the labor of love. Sheathe an accent wall in beautiful reclaimed-wood planks instead, with these stick-on options from Stikwood. The planks rely on a strong peel-and-stick tape to fasten to painted drywall.

Thoughtful Planning

Avoid peeks of bare wall appearing through cracks, gaps, or knotholes in the planks by first painting walls in a color that matches the wood. A deep brown-gray color is a great option for these planks.

Wallpaper Alternative

Not quite ready for wallpaper? Get a similar look without the commitment using washi masking tape from Japan. Washi tape is affordable and long-lasting, plus it comes in a variety of colors and sizes (plus when you're ready to move on, it peels right off!). Find fabulous colors and designs on Etsy.

Argyle Accent

To create our eye-catching design, use diagonal lines of two tapes in two widths. For our 8x10-foot wall, we used about five purple rolls and four silver grid rolls. Pilot your design on graph paper before applying to the wall for best results.

Marbled Swirls

Agate and marbled furnishings positively "rock" home design. Get the look using decoupage medium, such as Mod Podge. First, create patterns of your furniture top, doors, and drawer fronts using kraft paper. Trace the patterns on decorative paper; cut out.

Finishing the Design

To get the coloring, apply thin, even coats of the medium to the dresser, smoothing out trapped air bubbles with a brayer, squeegee, or credit card. After the medium dries, seal with a topcoat of decoupage medium.

Greek-Key Design

Continue a Greek-key motif throughout your room by matching your accents to your furniture. We chose to add embellishments to the table and mirror in the room that perfectly paired with the design on the pillow.

Geometric Side Table

Corner the market on sophisticated yet affordable style: Use accents made of 1/2-inch-thick PVC from O'verlays to update a side table. We built the table from two Parsons tables, attaching a fully assembled one to the top of the second (flip the assembled table on its top, place and align the second top, finished side facing down, onto its legs and screw together from the underside. Then flip the entire assembly). Install the corner pieces using a two-step epoxy. Use clamps to ensure a snug, level fit. When cured, paint the table.

Embellished Mirrror

A DIY mirror gets a brand new look with just a few simple stick-ons. Appoint a plain, flat-trim mirror with the look of carved wood using 2-inch-wide Greek-key trim made of PVC from O'verlays. The 1/8-inch-thick trim cut with scissors and adhere with epoxy glue, such as Loctite Epoxy Quick Set.

Memo Center

Create pretty and purposeful chalkboard circles in your mudroom, office, or kids room using removable decals made of erasable chalkboard from Bik. Liquid chalk pens work best as your go-to utensil for the thought bubbles.

Decal 101

 The decals come precut; but we used plates to trim some for a wider variety. To install, tape the shapes on the wall to decide on placement, then peel off the backing, starting at the top and pulling downward.

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