Can You Spy the DIYs in These Well-Designed Rooms?

lamp, bedroom

There's a DIY or two hidden in all of these rooms. Can you spot the project? See if you can, plus get full how-tos so you can re-create the do-it-yourself projects in your home! Keep track of how many you get right and post your score in the comments below!

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No. 1 Can You Spy the DIY?

blue bedroom

Hint: There are actually two!

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No. 1 And the DIYs Are ...

chair rail and night stand

The nightstand and the picture-rail-topped wainscoting! Basic trim boards from the home improvement store form the wainscoting with a picture rail. And the nighstand with fresh paint on just the frame proves that simple is sometimes better.

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No. 2 Can You Spy the DIY?

Decorating Gallery

Hint: A clever hack updated something existing in this colorful bedroom.

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No. 2 And the DIY Is ...

headboard, bedroom

The headboard! This project mimics the look of an upholstered headboard using an existing wooden headboard and a tension rod.

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No. 3 Can You Spy the DIY?

orange pillows

Hint: It uses an unexpected material.

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No. 3 And the DIY Is ...

artwork collage, living room

The art! Start this project with a trip down the produce aisle -- stamps made from vegetables are the tool of choice for this clever project.

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No. 4 Can You Spy the DIY?


Hint: It's all in the details.

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No. 4 And the DIY Is ...

buffet table, furniture

The nailhead trim. Available at crafts stores in running strips or in packages of individual pieces, nailhead trim can be used to outline features or form unique designs on furniture. As an alternative to pounding or drilling in nailheads, use a substitute, such as metallic spray-painted wood plugs.

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No. 5 Can You Spy the DIY?

patio furniture

Hint: It adds a pop of color.

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No. 5 And the DIY Is ...


The brown and yellow chair! Rather than give a chair a complete paint overhaul, paint just select details for a contrasting look. Tape off the parts you don't want to paint. Apply interior/exterior latext primer, let dry, and then apply latex paint in your chosen color. For tight detail work, use a 1/2-inch flat detail brush.

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No. 6 Can You Spy the DIY?

living room

Hint: It adds a bit of shine to this colorful living room.

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No. 6 And the DIY Is ...

curtain rod, living room

It's the brass curtain rod! Window hardware can get pricey, but this affordable DIY project makes use of a plain wooden dowel and metal sheeting.

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No. 7 Can You Spy the DIY?

Upbeat Color Scheme

Hint: It's a DIY version of a hot decorating trend.

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No. 7 And the DIY Is ...

ottoman, living room

It's the yellow pouf! In a classic case of why buy when you can DIY, this pouf project will garner plenty of admiration. Plus, you'll be able to say, "I made it!"

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No. 8 Can You Spy the DIY?

Fast Decorating Projects

Hint: It dresses up something that was once basic.

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No. 8 And the DIY Is ...

artwork, dining room

It's the wallpaper panels! This project is a savvy solution if you want to dress up plain walls and love the look of wallpaper but don't want to commit to a full wall.

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No. 9 Can You Spy the DIY?

Decorating Gallery

Hint: It starts with an unexpected foundation.

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No. 9 And the DIY Is ...

headboard, bedroom

It's the headboard! And the foundation? A very budget-friendly hollow-core door.

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No. 10 Can You Spy the DIY?

Color Story

Hint: It mimics the look of a high-end piece.

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No. 10 And the DIY Is ...

lamp, bedroom

It's the lamp! We spotted a $950 lamp with gorgeous brushstrokes that inspired our affordable DIY look-alike.

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