Classing up your living room doesn't require a total makeover. Simply treat your sofa to a little TLC. Your couch will thank you for it!


Swap Out Sofa Feet

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Open up your space by changing the feet on your sofa. Choose a color that is similar to your flooring. It will give your couch a lofty, almost floating, look.

Consider Nailhead Trim

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Adding textured accents to a sofa can be a game changer. Nailhead trim is among the most popular furniture accents because it's both beautiful and simple to achieve. Choose brass or gold nailheads for sofas with warm colors and black or silver for cool colors.

Throw On Some Pillows

Sofa and Pillows

The simplest sofa update is a quick and easy pillow swap. Don't have the budget to purchase new pillows? Update existing pillow covers with DIY stamps or fabric, or simply trade pillows from other rooms in the house.

Try a Slipcover

Living room

Is your couch worn or discolored but still comfy as ever? Don't purchase new furniture just for aesthetics. There are a number of slipcover options to consider that will easily revitalize your sofa. As a bonus, slipcovers can be removed and laundered or swapped out per your mood.

Frame in Gold

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Metallic accents make surrounding furniture feel upscale. These gold-trimmed side tables and a matching bookshelf give the room an expensive vibe. Finish the look with a gold-leaf table lamp.

Highlight with Color

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Feeling ready for a weekend project? Make light furniture pop with dark wall color. This cream sofa stands out against dark charcoal walls and window treatments. Go for navy or saturated purple paint for a similar effect.

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