Pardon the pun, but this mirror seriously rules, and it's finished in a cinch. Make your own repurposed version of this classic shape and see how it measures up.

By Heather Luckhurst
Updated April 13, 2018

Pardon the pun, but this mirror seriously rules, and it's finished in a cinch. Make your own and see how it measures up.

Materials You'll Need:

Handsaw 22 secondhand yardsticks Round mirror Wood glue

1. Create a template to help evenly position the starburst rays. Determine the finished diameter of the starburst (ours was 36 inches); cut a circle to that size from newsprint. Fold the newsprint in half, then in half again three more times until you have 16 equally spaced creases in the circle.

2. Lay the circle template flat. Place the mirror in the center of the circle, trace around it, and remove the mirror. Cut the yardsticks to the lengths you want, allowing at least 1 inch extra for attaching the yard- sticks to the mirror and to each other (our longest pieces are 18 inches). This project uses four lengths: The longest pieces form the outside rays; a second circle is made from rays that are 3 inches shorter; the third and fourth lengths alternate to create rays close to the mirror.

3. Place the outer yardsticks on the template, aligning the rays on the creased lines and overlapping 1 inch into the mirror circle (photo 1). Apply glue to the yardstick tops where they extend into the circle; glue and place the mirror on top of the yardsticks (photo 2), and weight with books or magazines until the glue dries. Create a second circle by laying yardstick pieces on the creases in the template; overlap the alternating rays of the two shorter lengths with the longer rays (photo 3). Glue these pieces together, and weight with books until dry.

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